How To Treat Ringworm Naturally

It's nice to have an engagement ring. One cannot have too much ring jewelry. But it is totally despiccable to have rings in the form of ringworms on your skin! As such, there are many over the counter products that address this very common skin problem of ring worms. The sad fact is, ringworms don't just live on the outside, but they can also stay on the inside of the human body.

Ringworm chemical treatments are really very effective, but they are still non-natural and some people may find it unnerving to use so much chemical to eliminate such a relatively minor body problem. If you are one of those people who are already inundated with the chemicals you put in your body and you are wildly in pursuit of a more natural alternative, then here are the things at home that can help you concoct that healthy natural ringworm buster!

  1. Goldenseal root.  This particular herb is good for athlete's foot treatment. But more than being an athletes foot cure, it is also very effective if you make use of it  by applying it on the affected area.
  2. Apple cider vinegar or alcohol. Albeit they are both weak by themselves, they are best cures for ringworms when they are combined with other ingredients such as walnut and oregano. You just need to apply them on the afffected areas every 4 hours and in a few days' time, you will find relief.
  3. Gentian violets and walnut green peels. This might require you to have a farm or a backyard with plants. But if you get a hold of these two plants, you are well on your way to getting free from ringworm. This is also applied on the skin.
  4. Shea butter. If you happen to have scalp ringworms, then shea butter is the best thing that you can topically apply on your scalp.
  5. Oregano oil. Oregano leaves are for asthma as oregano oil extracts are for ringworms. These oil extracts are really the wonder herbs for killing ringworms. If you have they stashed somewhere in your emergency cabinet, the ringworms will flee from you in no time.
  6. Tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is famour in treatment for acne. But aside from being an acne cure or natural acne treatment option, it is also just as feisty in combatting your ringworms.
  7. Avoid acids and scrap the antibiotics. Antibiotics kill the ringworm busters inside your body. Acids are what ringworms feed on. So if you want a natural alternative, STARVE the ringworms until they stop propagating.
  8. Love the Wasabi paste. Love sushi? Love wasabi paste even more because if you put it in the affected areas, it will just kill the ringworms. Turmeric juice is also another alternative option for you.
  9. Nail polish. Another technique that has gotten much hype is the nail polish technique. If you place in nail polish on the affected area and let it stay there for awhile, you will find that the ringworms are gone once you peel it off.

The ringworm treatment for cats and dogs is another issue. If you want your favorite feline or canine to be free from this hideous ringworm invasion, make sure that your cat or dog is properly cared for and if you find someone or some pet which has the disease, steer yourself and your pet clear of them to safeguard yourself and ringworm-proof your home accordingly.


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