How To Treat Sore Gums

Sore gums could make eating, drinking and even brushing your teeth a burden. The pain throbs every time you use your mouth. Usually poor oral care, extreme food temperatures, hard food to chew and even smoking can cause sore gums. It could also spell an underlying mouth problem if left untreated. So before it gets worse, here's what you should do.

  • Consult your dentist. It is best to seek professional help to know the gravity of your problem. A dentist or orthodontist will be able to give you alternatives and prescribe medication, which depends on the severity of your case.
  • Oral care. Keep your whole mouth clean with daily brushing and flossing. But bear in mind to avoid heavy brushing as it can contribute further to sore gums. One alternative for this is to change to a soft-bristled toothbrush and keep brushing under three minutes.
  • Dentures. If you have fixtures or dentures it is necessary to provide extra care to treat sore gums. Have them removed while you're sleeping and clean them before and after use. This decreases any proliferation of bad bacteria in your dentures.
  • Rinse your mouth. After each meal be sure to rinse your mouth with a glass of water to remove excess food particles. You could also have a salt-water rinse. Just have a pinch of salt mixed with lukewarm water and gargle away. You can always use this remedy to rinse your mouth, clean your gums and minimize the risk of infection. Repeat daily or twice a day if necessary.
  • Diet modification. Change to a soft diet until the soreness of your gums subsides. You could also avoid foods that are of extreme temperatures as well as foods with strong flavors such as spicy and mint. This would help your gums heal faster.
  • Medication. There are available medicated mouth rinses for sore gums in the market. Gargling with this formulation helps decrease bacteria and removes pain in your gums.
  • Homemade remedies. There are different home remedies to help you alleviate pain when you have sore gums. As such here are simple things you could use.
  • Honey. Carefully have an ample amount of honey and gently massage the affected gum with honey. It has known effects for decreasing soreness of the gums
  • Cabbage juice. You can extract cabbage juice and apply it with cotton swabs to your sore gums. Repeat if necessary as it will help your sore gums improve.
  • Herbal tea. It has properties to decrease symptoms associated with sore gums. You can use homemade green tea, stinging nettle and yarrow, which are perfect herbal remedies for sore gums. You enjoy at least 3 to 4 cups a day for that extra soothing effect on your gums.
  • Aloe vera. This may come as pure juice or extract for your sore gums. It helps speed up the healing process for the soreness to subside. But avoid eating for about half an hour after applying the aloe vera formulation.

Now there will be no more pain and worries while eating. Being free from sore gums literally can bring a smile to your face.


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