How To Treat Tinnitus

Sopt the Ringing with Proper Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus is an incurable ringing, whistling or buzzing noise in the ears. Sufferers complain of agitation, inability to sleep and difficulty concentrating due to the constant sound. While tinnitus cannot be cured, there are ways to treat the tinnitus symptoms and lessen the impact of the condition. These steps will help you get the tinnitus treatment you need.

  1. Consult your doctor. Tinnitus treatment requires first a diagnosis by your doctor and may require a visit to an audiologist. When talking to your medical professional, be sure to provide him as much information as possible about the frequency, type and degree of noise you are hearing in your ears.
  2. Consider alternative tinnitus treatment. While you can find a lot of unfounded treatment suggestions online, there are alternative treatment methods that have worked for many who suffer from tinnitus. 

    There is some indication that mild cases of tinnitus can be lessened by herbal treatments like ginkgo biloba or B vitamins. Others have seen positive results with acupuncture, magnets and hypnosis.

  3. Your doctor may suggest a hearing aid or cochlear implant. Doctors and audiologists review each individual case for tinnitus treatment options. Hearing aids are beneficial for tinnitus sufferers who have hearing loss or to amplify sounds that then drown out the buzzing of tinnitus.
  4. Try electrical stimulation. In some cases, electrical pulses are sent to the auditory nerve, which may reduce or limit the tinnitus symptoms. Obviously, this treatment is performed in the doctor's office and is not something to try at home.
  5. Continue to work with your doctor. Often tinnitus treatment requires some trial and error to find a treatment that works. Each individual experience of tinnitus is different so there is no absolute cure or treatment.

Following these steps should help relieve the symptoms of tinnitus. Be patient and work with your doctor to find the treatment that works best for your situation.


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