How To Treat Warts on Your Feet

Treating warts on your feet can be as simple as applying Vitamin A fish oil to them.  Purchase Vitamin A in 25,000 international units and cut open the capsules dropping the oil onto the warts.  Gently rub the oil into the skin area.

Since warts are more prevalent in moist area, keep your feet dry when treating warts.  Change your socks at least three times each day.  Apply a medicated foot powder to your socks, feet and shoes frequently.  If necessary depending on the environmental moisture in your area and how often your feet sweat, you may need to apply this medicated powder ten times or more each day.

Another vitamin treatment for warts on your feet is making a paste out of crushed Vitamin C tablets and water.  Apply this paste to the wart and cover with a bandage to keep the paste secured.

Apply Castor oil to treat the warts on your feet and bandage, or mix Castor oil with some baking soda to make a paste mixture and either bandage or cover with a sock.  Apply either method twice a day.

Purchase over-the-counter salicylic acid products.  However if you are a diabetic or have a circulation problem, you should not use this method.  Also if the warts on your feet do not respond to this treatment after one or two weeks discontinue the use of salicylic acid products.  There are also salicylic acid patches which you can use to treat warts on your feet.  You may need to cut the patch to fit directly over the wart as you do not want the salicylic acid coming in contact with the surrounding skin area due to the irritation it can cause.

Here are some folk medicine remedies for warts on your feet that you can try:

  1. Soak lemon slices with salt in apple cider.  Let the solution steep for two weeks and then apply the lemon slices to the warts on your feet.
  2. Tape the inside of a banana skin to the warts on your feet.
  3. Try taking garlic capsules, but you might want to keep a stash of breath mints handy at all times while using this treatment.
  4. Apply a mixture of vitamin E oil, clove oil, aloe Vera juice or sap, milkweed juice, sow’s thistle plant juice or the juice from unripe figs to the wars on your feet.
  5. Rub the warts on your feet with a raw potato.


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