How To Trim a Belly Cast

Belly casting refers to molding the form of a pregnant woman’s belly for various purposes. However, it is mainly used to preserve the actual shape of the belly before the baby is due to come out. This can be used for decoration purposes, for remembrance, for baby showers, and a lot more. It is quite fun to create your very own belly cast. With the help of your family and very close girlfriends, you can do this with comfort and ease. You only need a total of five materials to do this. These include plasters of Paris strips (you can easily get this from an art and craft shops), heavy skin moisturizers such as petroleum jelly or cocoa butter, a big bucket of warm water, a big sheet of plastic and a really old underwear (as in ready to be thrown away in a moment’s notice. This will also provide protection for your sensitive pubic area). Now start lubricating mommy’s belly and breasts (arms and hands are optional depending on your planned design) then soak the strips completely and start molding mommy’s body to perfection through continuous overlapping, as you create layer after layer. Make sure that you do this on top of the plastic sheet for easier cleaning because it would surely leave a lot of gooey mess. It is during the strip layering and after the cast has been fully set where you need to do the proper trimming on the belly cast. Here’s how you should do it.

  • Smooth it out. Right after you are done layering the strips on mommy’s belly, smooth it out by repeatedly stroking the outer layer with wet hands. Just make sure that you are doing this while the cast is still wet as well. Make sure that you work very quickly as the plasters can dry out really fast.
  • Cut all the excesses. As soon as the cast is completely set, carefully remove it from the body. Simply cut the sides of the belly cast. To avoid cracking it up, make sure that you only use a very sharp pair of scissors. Crop it accordingly.
  • Strengthen it. You will notice some parts that are thinly layered. You can strengthen this by adding additional plaster strips at the back (never on the outside!).
  • Sand and prime it! To further create an even look, use a sandpaper to trim all the unwanted bumps and irregularities that you might see on the exterior of the belly cast. Be very careful when doing this and make sure that cast is totally hard. Wipe all the excess dust and finish it off with a primer.

These are the things that you need to do in order for you to effectively trim a belly cast. It is crucial that you are extremely careful at all times to avoid the cast from breaking or cracking. Make sure that you always read the instructions that came with the plaster of Paris strips that you have bought. Determine how long before it can be removed and make sure you follow it! Premature removal of the belly cast may ruin the whole thing and that is not a very good thing to be experienced by a cranky pregnant woman. Just be patient and let it harden properly. Just follow these very simple steps and you can never go wrong. Good luck!


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