How To Unclog a Clogged Ear

Doctor checking patient's ears

A clogged ear can make you feel like you are underwater. If you let a clog go for too long, you can end up with an ear infection. You can unclog your clogged ear with this simple home remedy, but if you're prone to clogged ears you will probably want to check out Blocked Ears No More, a popular and effective guide for treating ear clogs.

Warm water
Hydrogen peroxide
Ear syringe or small eyedropper
Cotton balls
Measuring bowl

  1. Determine what’s causing the clog. If there is an object in the ear or if you are experiencing sharp pain, head straight to the doctor. Trying to remove it could cause damage. If the cause of the clog is just build-up of ear wax or congestion from a cold, then go on to step two for a guide on ear wax removal.
  2. Plan at least twenty minutes of quiet time. If you have a houseful or are using these steps to treat a child, realize that the person needs to be relaxed and quiet for at least twenty minutes.
  3. Mix the water and peroxide solution. Pour two to three tablespoons of water into the measuring bowl. Then pour in the same amount of peroxide. Mix the two then pour them into the syringe or dropper.
  4. Lie on one side. Lying down will make it easier to put the solution in your ear and let the solution drain further into your ear canal.
  5. Use the syringe to insert some solution into your ear. Be careful not to overflow, you should only need a little fluid in your ear.
  6. Stay still for ten minutes. Let the solution work in your ear. You may feel a tingling sensation. It is just the peroxide bubbling. Don’t give in to the temptation to scratch the itch in your ear. Just be patient and let the solution dislodge the wax and dirt clogging your ear.
  7. Roll over and drain the ear. Hold one or two cotton balls to your ear until everything drains out of your ear.
  8. Clean out the other side for good measure. Even if you only feel clogged on one side, go ahead and do both ears. It doesn’t hurt to remove any wax and debris that may be building up in the other ear.

Ears become clogged by wax and debris from the air around us. When you or someone you know has a clog, follow these steps on ear wax cleaning and you will be clog-free in no time at all.


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