How To Unclog Your Clogged Ear

The most common cause for clogged ears is ear wax that builds up in your ears. Ear wax is the body’s self defense mechanism for the ears. It’s meant to trap dirt and other harmful elements in it to protect the inner ear.

Keeping your ears clean is quite easy; all you need is a q-tip and rubbing alcohol. Simply wet the tip of the q-tip with the rubbing alcohol and clean the exterior of your ear in circular motions. Do not push too deep as you may damage your inner ear. Ear cleaning is best done 2-3 times a week depending on how much ear wax builds up in your ear.

But in the event that your ear becomes clogged, you’ll need 2 small bowls, 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, warm water, cotton and eye droppers or ear syringe. With those items handy, proceed to the steps below:

  • Mix ‘em up. In one bowl, mix in the water and a few tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. The ratio for water and hydrogen peroxide depends on how clogged you feel your ears are.
  • Fill ‘em up. Fill the eye dropper or the ear syringe with the solution. Most people prefer using the eye dropper to the ear syringe, as it’s easier to fill up and have a better control of the solution as it drops in your ear.
  • Put it in your ear. Lying on your side, put in a few drops of the solution in your ear taking care not fill your ear up too much. Remain on your side for about 10 to 15 minutes for the solution to kick in. You should be able to hear the solution bubbling that means it is working.
  • Pour. After a few minutes, get the second bowl and tip the contents of the affected ear into it. You can drain your ear by turning your ear towards the second bowl.
  • Repeat. Keep repeating steps 2 to 4 until your solution runs out or when you feel that you’ve completely unclogged your ear.

You can also come up with a solution of white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and mineral oil. Just mix in a 1/3 of each of the liquids in a bowl and follow steps 2 to 5 to unclog your ear.

Either of the two solutions will be effective in unclogging your ear and which of the two you decide to use is just a matter of availability. You don’t have to buy any of the ingredients if you have them lying around the house. Hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar, water and mineral oil are items you have even in a sparsely stocked kitchen. You don’t need to go to a supermarket to buy the ingredients to unclog your ears.

These instructions are for when ear wax builds up in your ear. If you have a foreign object jammed in your ear that’s causing pain or discomfort, consult a doctor for how to remove the foreign object.

Unclogging your ears is quite simple and easy to do. But as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure so periodically clean out your ears during the week to avoid clogging and discomfort.


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