How To Understand Infrared Light Therapy

Infrared light therapy is a process of treating diseases with the use of heat.  It is widely used as a medical procedure in today’s hospitals.  It is also used in the cosmetic industry as lasers for underarm hair removal, body detoxification, and anti-aging for skin.  Infrared light therapy is known to be one of the easiest and most painless ways of healing a variety of body pains, fractures and other serious health problems such as heart disease and cancer. 

Here are some health problems that can be cured by the use of infrared light therapy:

  1. Acne.  Acne develops through the excessive production of oil coupled with dirt which is trapped in the pores of the skin, also known as the black heads or white heads.  It can be cured by the use of infrared light therapy where the heat waves kill the bacteria in the skin.
  2. Chronic pains.  This pain usually experienced when a person is suffering from arthritis, rheumatism and other pains which is caused by stiff muscles.  Infrared light therapy is an option to these kinds of muscle pains.  When you switch on the infrared light device, the heat of its bulbs loosens the muscles which are tightened leading to severe pain.  This is somewhat similar to a hot compress.  By means of heat, it relieves the part which is in pain.
  3. Damaged cells.  These nerve cells are damaged or broken but can be cured or treated by the use of infrared light therapy.  The infrared heat boosts the glands to produce more endorphins which are the body’s normal pain relievers that will reduce the pain being experienced.
  4. Diabetic wounds.  Diabetic people must avoid getting wounds because it heals too slowly in their bodies.  This is caused by high levels of sugar or glucose in their bodies.  Through the motion sensors of infrared light, the supply of nitric oxide in the body is increased to improve blood circulation which leads to wounds that heal faster.
  5. High blood pressure.  This condition is the inadequate supply of blood due to abnormal blood circulation in the body.  This causes the heart to work harder in order to maintain a sufficient supply of blood in the body.  This may lead to some serious heart problems such as heart attacks.  Through the help of the infrared spectrum, the circulation of blood increases and blood is returned to normal circulation which gives an adequate supply of blood all throughout the body.

Infrared light therapy has been used to treat various diseases and life threatening health problems without any pain.  This is why it is necessary for people to know and understand how this type of heat and light works in our body.  Although some people who have undergone infrared light therapy have experienced some side effects such as depression and anxiety, for many it is still an aid to people who suffer aches and severe pains.


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