How To Use a Cervical Cap

These days, birth control and contraceptive use couldn't be easier. There are many options - birth control pills or injections, condoms, and even IUDs. As well, along with some spermicidal gel, a cervical cap is a quick and affordable way to ensure that you don't become pregnant until you are ready. Although you should discuss the topic with your doctor first, here's a quick guide on how to use a cervical cap.

Step 1

Fill the cap. Before you insert your cervical cap into your vagina, you need to fill it with spermicide first. Spermicide kills any sperm it comes into contact with so that, even in the event that sperm pass the cervical cap, the spermicide will kill them. It is absolutely necessary to use both the cap and the spermicide. Fill the cervical cap about 1/3 full of spermicide.

Step 2

Get into a comfortable position. Let's face it - there's not going to be anything graceful about the next few minutes. It's just something us women need to get over in order to use this form of birth control. Find a comfortable position in which you can access your private areas. This may be lying on your back with your legs spread apart or standing in a semi-squat position. (You'll need to be naked at this point, at least from the waist down.)

Step 3

Separate your labia. While still in your comfortable position, use one hand to separate your labia. These are also known as the ‘lips' of your vagina, or the thick skin that covers and protects your vaginal openings. You'll need to separate these in order to insert your cervical cap.

Step 4

Find your cervix. This may be a first for some of you, but the next step requires you to find your cervix. If you need a bit of an anatomy lesson, your cervix is inside of your vagina, at the very top of it. (Yes, the same opening used for sexual intercourse!)  First, make sure your hands are clean. Then insert two fingers into your vagina and push them as far in as they can go. At one point, you should hit a soft, rounded body part at the top of your vagina. This is your cervix.

Step 5

Insert the cervical cap. In order to properly use the cervical cap, it must be inserted over your cervix. And since you now know where that is, you can finally insert the cervical cap into your vagina. To do this, ensure that your labia are still spread to allow for your other hand to pass inside. Then, grasp the cervical cap in one hand, squeezing it together. Hold it dome side down and put it into your vagina. Push it as far up as it will go, until you feel it hitting your cervix. Position the cervical cap so that it is directly on your cervix. You'll need to press the rim so that it sits properly on the cervix. Then, in order to create suction that will prevent the cervical cap from dislodging during intercourse, pinch the round end of it and then twist.

Step 6

Ensure a proper fit. Once you have properly put the cervical cap onto your cervix, you need to ensure that you have done so properly. Run a finger around the entire edge of your cervical cap to make sure that your cervix is completely covered. There can't be any gaps between your cervix and your cervical cap when you use it.


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