How To Use a Hearing Aid

Millions of people around the world suffer from hearing loss. Worse, the number of hearing loss victims continues to increase. Good thing, people can now use something for their digital hearing—the hearing aid.

Hearing aid has helped millions of people around the world with hearing loss. Though they only have digital hearing, these people still enjoy the normality of hearing.

If you or someone close to you suffers from hearing impairment, it is always helpful to turn to digital hearing. The first thing you need to do is find a hearing aid made by various manufacturers to use.

You can easily get the best product from manufacturers by comparing product reviews, ratings, and prices. For sure, you don’t want your hearing aid investment be of waste. A way to avoid that is by looking into the product reviews, prices, and ratings and then, decide which of the options will work best for the patient’s situation.

After that, it will be time to use the hearing aid. But how?

  1. Check if there are hearing batteries. Take off the battery cover, usually at the back. There, you’ll see if any batteries are installed. If there is no battery, you can install some by yourself or take the hearing aid to an authorized seller. The batteries for hearing aids are specially made and fitted for these small devices.
  2. Turning on. Most hearing aids are turned on through tapping the power button. Usually, a light will shine when it is already on.
  3. Checking volume level of the hearing aid. Hear if there is any feedback in the hearing aid. If there is, you can turn the volume down through rotating the volume knob. Doing this will ensure that you won’t hear any feedback when the hearing aid is already in the ear.
  4. Putting the hearing device into the ear. Slowly and carefully put the hearing aid into the ear with the hearing aid gain facing downward. You should be careful not to cause any damage unto the gain because impact on it will destroy feedback as well as your aided hearing in the end.
  5. Adjust volume. In most hearing aids, the volume is adjusted through a control wheel. Turning this clockwise increases volume while counterclockwise turning decreases volume.

There, you’re ready to hear the world clearly. But not only the use of hearing aid should be given importance. You should still protect your ear by removing the hearing aid from the ear at night. Also, make sure that the power button is turned off if the aid is not in use. You can refer to the manufacturer’s caring guide for the specific guidelines for your hearing aid.

Although your hearing aid is always on the rescue, it is still better to do hearing protection and regular hearing test. For sure, you would want to hear through your ears rather than through hearing batteries. So, before you add to the millions of people using hearing aid, hearing protection and regular hearing test should now be in your priorities.


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