How To Use a Stationary Bike

Compared to the traditional run along the park, or the use of treadmills, using a stationary bike for workouts is becoming more and more popular among the health conscious.

Also known as exercycle, or cycloergometer in the case of stationary bikes equipped with an ergometer to gauge the user's progress, this exercise machine is built like a typical bicycle but does not take you places. Its only purpose is to increase general fitness and enhance the user's stamina. Stationary biking has long been used to help patients who need some physical therapy due to its safe, low-impact workout provided.

While there have been many additions to the usual stationary bike, like stationary bikes with magnetic and friction gears to increase resistance, there are also the types with which the user is required to pedal backwards to work the other antagonist muscles out.

These are just some of the many benefits of using a stationary bike for your daily dose of workout:

  • Safety - Extreme sports like mountain biking and surfing require someone to get on the mountain bike or the surf board to allow the athlete to work his body muscles out. Such activity entails higher risks of injury up to paralysis depending on the degree of the accident. This situation is out of the picture when considering stationary bikes. Even jogging has its risks on the person's knees as every step on the solid ground of asphalt creates a shock to the person's cartilages and therefore poses some threats when abused. The stationary bike's low-impact workout and adjustable features ensure the user is not overdoing the routine and working out the muscle areas necessary.
  • Fun - Since this exercise routine can be done in front of the TV or while talking to someone on the phone, or maybe reading a magazine or a book, someone who prefers to use the stationary bike can definitely have the benefits of a work-and-play workout scheme. Though there are no known links yet between stress relief and the use of stationary bikes, it still is worth trying.
  • Comfort - There may be stationary bike models out there in the market that only allows the user one riding position but developers have began considering the user's comforts when using the machine. Most bike styles today are flexible enough to give the user the best possible position when using the bike. This helps in maintaining a good posture while not putting too much strain on the back muscles every time the stationary bike is used.
  • Effective - This is of course the prime consideration when deciding to go with stationary bikes over other exercise methods. While other exercise routines tend to appear more strenuous and provide better a workout, studies reveal that a 30-minute day ride on a stationary bike burns just about the same calories as with any aerobic workout.

Whether you're working out to burn unwanted fats or to maintain good cardiovascular stature or perhaps just to maintain a steady good health, the stationary bike remains a viable option.


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