How To Use a Steam Inhaler to Clear Sinus Problems

Sinus problems are caused by swollen sinuses because of an allergic reaction or because of colds. Sometimes, the more you blow your nose, the more swollen the sinuses become, making it even harder to breathe. While there are over the counter medicines that can treat sinus problems, you may also opt for a more natural treatment – a steam inhaler. The steam does not need to have any medicine in it. Tap water or purified water will do. The steam, or hot evaporated water, helps unclog the air passage by decreasing the swelling of the sinuses. The hot steam somehow relaxes the sinuses and relieves the swelling. While this is a temporary remedy, it is a very useful one especially if you have not purchased the appropriate medicine at the moment. It also provides instant relief, as opposed to medicines that may take hours before it starts working.

Having a steam inhaler at home is very useful especially if you have children. A steam inhaler is a handy gadget. Take a look at the tips and learn how to use one.

  • A handy steam inhaler is easy to use. You only need to place it on top of a table or desk and make sure there is an electrical outlet nearby.
  • Make sure that the steam inhaler’s water reservoir and the mask are clean before using it. You just need to wash it with soap and water to clean it.
  • Place clean water into the water reservoir. You can use tap water but it is also good to use purified water.
  • Plug it into the electrical outlet and then turn the power on.
  • Place the mask over your nose and mouth and breathe in the steam. It is advisable to breathe through your nose, but if this is difficult at the beginning, breathe though your mouth first until it becomes easier to breathe through your nose.
  • Make sure you have a tissue or hanky nearby so you can wipe off your runny nose once the nasal passages have started to clear up.
  • After using the steam inhaler, wash the water reservoir and the mask. Let it dry before storing it.
  • You can use some aromatherapy fluids for your steam inhaler. Check out aromatherapy products that are safe for inhaler use. Citrus and menthol scents are the most effective.

When using steam inhalers, make sure the electrical portion of the device does not get wet with the water. Also keep a towel or tissue nearby so you can easily wipe off any spills and avoid electrocution.

There are several brands of steam inhalers. It is best to choose the ones that use less energy, have safety features such as plastic parts (as opposed to metal parts that might lead to grounding), and detachable parts so you can opt to wash the other parts without damaging the motor of the steam inhaler. A lightweight and handy steam inhaler is also advantageous especially when you are traveling.


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