How To Use a Tampon

Using a tampon seems awkward and uncomfortable for many girls as they approach puberty. If you are lucky your mom or big sister used tampons and can show you the ropes without too much embarrassment. If you are learning on your own, follow these instructions for using a tampon.

  1. Select the type of tampon. When at the store you will notice different types of tampons. The choices vary in two main categories – applicator and absorbency. When starting out you want to go with the applicator variety, as it is easier to use. For absorbency you’ll need to judge based upon your own flow. You may try starting with a variety pack until you find what works for you.
  2. Maintain your hygiene. Whenever using tampons you should be sure to wash your hands with soap and warm water before using the applicator. This will prevent bacteria that can cause infections from entering your vagina. Wash your hands directly afterward as well.
  3. Choose a comfortable but accessible position. When first starting out some girls find it easier to stand with their legs parted or with one leg on the toilet seat. Once you have practice you will be able to insert the applicator while sitting. Try different things until you find the position that is easy and comfortable.
  4. Prepare the tampon. Depending on the type you purchased you may have to unwrap the tampon or extend the applicator for use. Follow the instructions on the box if you are unsure.
  5. Grasp and position the tampon. Take the tampon between your fingers with your fingers on the ridges where the applicator tubes meet. The tampon should point toward your body. The string should point away from you. Place it at the entrance of your vagina.
  6. Insert the tampon by lightly pushing the applicator into your vagina. Keep pushing until your fingers meet your vagina. Follow the angle of your body. This is the most awkward part of using the tampon and you may need to shift the position until it is comfortable.
  7. Push the inner end of the applicator into the outer end while holding the outer end still. This pushes the tampon inside your vagina. Be sure that you push it all the way until the applicator stops.
  8. Remove the applicator. Pull it off the tampon and outside your body while making sure the string is hanging outside your vagina.

There you have it. All it takes is these shorts steps and you can use a tampon. Remember it gets easier and faster with practice.


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