How To Use a Total Gym

These days more and more people are aiming for a healthier and sexier body. From our own friends to our office colleagues, it is a regular thing we hear them say that they don't want to get fat. Gyms and health boutiques offer wide range of methods on how to achieve this. Even bookstores have provided magazine and book section focusing on a single topic that is-how to achieve a fit and healthier body. It's so surprising to see a lot of readers in this part compared with the other sections of the bookstore. It just simply shows that the latest crave in town had arrived! Everybody wants to get fit.

Getting fit is a sure way to have a better outlook in life. It clears our mind from unnecessary thoughts, boosts our self confidence and improves our mental perspective.

You see, the benefits can really be great and these are more than just the physical improvement we could get from exercising.

Make sure that you are mentally prepared if you've decided to try the gym. Remember that getting a fit body isn't an overnight project. In fact it's a very serious project that requires hard work and intense focus. Aside from this, wearing proper clothes and a good pair of shoes is a must for a comfortable and safe workout.

If you don't have time visiting the gym, another option is to have your own exercise equipment right in your home for your total convenience. Online sites and TV shopping offer a wide range of gym equipment that even comes with a DVD for a complete insight on how to properly use and enjoy their product. One of this is total gym.

Total Gym is a piece of workout equipment that is used to tone and sculpts many areas of the body. There are variations of exercise that can be applied. Doing it with Total Gym three to five days a week for thirty minutes or more will surely help you achieve the body you want.

Here are the steps on how to use the Total Gym:

  • Warm up. Wear proper workout attire and set up the Total Gym. Take the metal pin and plug it in to level eight which is two notches from the top.  Reminder: Never forget to insert the metal pin into each notch for your own safety. Following this will avoid serious injury.
  • Play the DVD. Start the workout by using the instructional DVD and begin the routine with your arms and biceps. Lay flat on the Total Gym with legs on its foot base.
  • Continue with the basic exercises. After working out on the upper body, continue by doing the basic Total Gym exercises like crunches, bench presses, arm curls, leg raises etc.
  • Do the Pilates. Work with your abs by applying your Pilates moves with the Total Gym.

Total Gym is designed for a complete workout. It saves time in going to the gym. Enjoy your workout right in the comfort of your own home!


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