How To Use an Ab Trainer

Crunches and sit ups are guaranteed solutions not only to belly fat problems, but also to achieve that jaw dropping 6- pack or 8-pack abs. But they are also difficult to perform especially if you are just starting out or if you want to further increase your counts.

You may want to use an Ab trainer for added head and neck support while doing your crunches. It makes your exercising much easier while working to achieve your desired results.

Follow these simple steps on how to properly use an AB Trainer.

  • Place the Ab Trainer on top of an exercise mat.
  • Lie down and rest your head on the padded support. The pads will provide you added comfort as well.
  • Put your hands on top of the AB Trainer and grasp the padded steel frames. Make sure that you are in a comfortable position before you start to do your crunches.
  • When you are ready and in position, slowly lift yourself by flexing your abdominal muscles at a 45 degree angle. The AB Trainer will move with you until you feel it stop and keep you from moving up too high.
  • Stop and pause for a while, then gently lower your body back to your starting position.
  • Repeat these steps and do 3 sets of 12-15 crunches.

You can also train and tighten the muscles at the side of your torso known as the oblique muscles. Do this by bending your knees with both your feet flat on the floor and then gently drop your knees on one side. While in this position, repeat the steps mentioned above and do your crunches. After this, drop your knees on the other side and continue with your crunches.

There are also a few things to keep in mind while working on your crunches and developing your abs by using your AB Trainer.

Never lift with your arms. There are two reasons why this is a big no- no. First, it defeats the purpose of putting your abdominal muscles to work. Second, it is the prime reason why your neck and back hurt. This is not the proper way of doing your crunches.

Of course it is a must to purchase a good quality and durable AB Trainer. Be more particular on little details such as the head rest and the trainer frame. Make sure that they are padded so you can be comfortable while exercising.

All types of exercise and fitness equipment are just tools to help you and provide support during your exercise. Make sure that you religiously do your exercises even while you are at home without the equipment.

The use of gym equipment such as the AB Trainer works best when accompanied by the right diet regimen. You can search online or read books about the perfect diet that matches you fitness activities.

The AB Trainer has a recommended exercise regimen to complement and optimize your desired results. You can ask your gym instructor or consultant regarding this information, and how else you can achieve your perfect abs.


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