How To Use and Make Healing Crystal Remedies

Western medicine has given as countless cures for all kinds of ailments, and for this we owe western science a great debt. But there are also remedies that we acquire using some traditional and alternative ways.

There are massages, herbal products, and other wellness products that are increasing in popularity. This is due to a growing awareness of the benefits of natural healing methods and not being too dependent on chemically made medications.

One of these alternative healing methods is crystal healing. It is believed that gemstones carry energies that aid in the total wellness of the body. Many people in contrast, do not believe in this theory.

What do stones have to do with the human body? Some say that the use of crystals is a way to condition the mind. Here are some steps on how to use and make healing crystals.

Choose which crystal to use. There are different kinds of crystals for different ailments. The colors of the crystals may have different effects too.

  • Clear stones like quartz help in improving self-esteem.
  • Purple stones like amethyst help to increase concentration.
  • Blue stones like azurite help to alleviate conditions of the ear, nose and mouth.
  • Green stones as well as pink stones alleviate heart conditions.
  • Yellow crystals like agate help in problems of the digestive system.
  • Orange stones like the carnelian help in increasing the energy.
  • Black or red crystals like the obsidian alleviate the problems in the reproductive system.

However, watch out for fake gemstones and crystals. There are some stones that are dyed so that they will look like the real thing.  Go to authentic gem stores so that you will not be lured into buying the wrong ones.

Clean your crystals. This is not just for sanitary purposes. It is believed that healing crystals absorb the energy that is not good for the body and replace it at the same time.

Using a crystal without cleansing it will return the energy that you have placed in it. You can wash the crystal with running water and put it under the sun so that these can regain the energy it has lost. Otherwise, the effects of the crystals will wear off.

Healing with crystals - You can place your crystals in your bathing water. The effects will depend on what crystal you will use. You can also drink spring water that is infused with the healing crystal that is placed under the sun for a few minutes.

Make sure though that you will not ingest any part of the crystal and that there are no residues that you may take in that may pose a potential hazard to your health instead of curing you.

You can also wear the crystal as jewelry. But make sure that you will not use a metal connector, but string or nylon thread. Metal is believed to negate the effects of the crystal.

Using a crystal for healing will not guarantee a total remedy for the ailments that human beings incur. But there is no harm in trying and believing.


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