How To Use Aromatherapy for Sinus Problems

Essential oils are used to stimulate a person's senses during treatment of illnesses or imbalances in the body. And aromatherapy is a health practice or an alternative medicine that is designed to cure a person from sickness using essential oils. Aromatic plants are gathered to extract very concentrated oils to be used during aromatherapy sessions. Even sinus infection can be cured by aromatherapy. All you need to do is to make a sinus oil blend, and use it. Here’s how to cure your sinus problem using aromatherapy.

Make a sinus blend.

  1. You need to choose a carrier oil to be used in diluting the essential oil. Carrier oil is also known as blend oil or vegetable oil.
  2. Based on the symptoms that you feel, choose an essential oil to be utilized with the carrier oil. Lavender, eucalyptus and rosemary oils are essential oils that are often used for the treatment of sinus infection.
  3. Use a liquid measuring cup to pour 20 ml of carrier oil into a glass bottle with a lid cover.
  4. Depending on the symptoms of the sinus infection, determine the number of drops you will need for your aromatherapy oil blend. The common number of drops needed to treat sinus infection is between eight to ten drops of essential oil.
  5. Use a liquid dropper to add the essential oil to the carrier oil which was earlier placed in the glass bottle.
  6. Cover the glass bottle with the lid, and shake the bottle well.
  7. Mark the liquid with the important details such as name of the essential oil used, name of the carrier oil and the date.

Use the sinus blend.

  1. Apply several drops of your sinus blend to your chest, face and head. Massage these areas using your fingertips.
  2. To clear your nasal passages, apply a drop or two of the sinus blend to your temples. The best sinus blends that help clear your nasal passages are those that used eucalyptus essential oil.
  3. To open the sinuses, apply several drops of oil blend to the base of your skull and on your neck. Massage thoroughly.
  4. Using your fingertips, massage the portion along the eyebrows and under the cheekbones. Use steady pressure in massaging this area to open the sinus and clear congestion.
  5. Use sinus blend for your bath. Pour several drops of the sinus blend on a tub. Use warm water for better effect.
  6. Inhale the sinus blend by dropping several drops on a handkerchief or any cloth. Be sure to use clean handkerchief or cloth. This would help clear nasal congestion.

You do not have to suffer from sinus infection all year round. There are treatments available to ease your sinusitis. One of them would be aromatherapy, which by nature is an alternative kind of treatment for illnesses. Sinus infection can be treated by using essential oils that are both stimulating and clearing. The use of soothing essential oils for a sinus infection is both soothing and effective. 


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