How To Use Bilberry to Treat Varicose Veins

Bilberry is a kind of plant which is similar and looks like blueberry. Its bushes may be seen in several areas all over the world such as England, Poland and Russia. The Bilberry plant has plenty of distinctive features which are beneficial to your health.

The plant can be used as a food source. In European countries, it is now being used as filling for your favourite pie. Bilberry plants contain a lot of medicinal features that can help in treating disease; that is why it is widely sold in the supermarket. The said plant contains anthocyanosides which greatly helps in strengthening the wall of your blood vessel. That is why it is widely used by people in treating varicose veins. Bilberry does not only treat varicose veins as well as your whole well being making your body healthy and free from diseases. Bilberry can be orally taken as a tea, capsule, and liquid. Here's how you can use bilberry to treat your varicose veins.

  • Find out what is causing your varicose veins. Before you begin using bilberry to treat your varicose veins it is important that you must know first what's causing your varicose veins to come out.
  • There is a saying that prevention is better than cure. If your work is causing your varicose veins to come out due to standing for long hours, then it's time to think and weigh the consequences. Make sure to give emphasis on your health as early as possible.
  • Use bilberry to treat your varicose veins. You can use the extract of bilberry since it also like a fruit. Bilberry has no side effects and the extract can be orally taken. The extract contains anthocyanidins which is a very important component in treating varicose vein. As soon as you see your varicose vein in your legs, start drinking the extract of bilberry. It is easy to treat your varicose veins if you catch the early signs of the varicose vein's appearance.
  • For better results you can also combine the extract of bilberry and the extract of gotu kola. Gotu kola also contains components similar to bilberry. Combining the two extracts will greatly strengthen your wall veins. While taking the combination of two extracts, don't forget to drink your Vitamin C daily. Vitamin C helps also in blood vessel strengthening that leads to healing of your inner circulatory system.
  • Drink your bilberry tea in the evening before bedtime. Add the bilberry extract and the gotu kola extract to your tea. You can also eat bilberry in fresh or frozen method whichever you like.
  • Bilberry can be use as often as you like, since it is a plant and does not have any side effects. But before using it, you must consult first with a physician, especially if you are a new user of the plant.

Knowing the proper usage of bilberry makes it more effective in treating your varicose veins but bilberry plant is only one way to cure your varicose vein and must not be abused. What is important is to take care of your health and keep yourself free from any illness and disease.


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