How To Use Chromotherapy to Boost Well Being

Chromotherapy or color therapy refers to an alternative mode of treatment that uses colors in order to promote healing and well-being. If you are interested in trying out chromotherapy, here are some things that are important to remember:

  • Know how different colors could affect your mood and state of mind. It’s widely-regarded how colors could greatly influence how we feel. That’s why it’s important that, when choosing which colors to wear or which should adorn your living room or bedroom, you take the effects of these colors into consideration.
For example, blue and lavender are known to soothe and promote relaxation; red stands for energy and excitement; yellow promotes learning and curiosity; pink symbolizes nurturing and friendship; and green promotes emotional harmony and balance.
You might want to take these effects into consideration specially when you are planning for the designs of your house: for example, you might want to paint your bedroom a soothing light blue to encourage better sleep, and you might want to decorate your child’s study room yellow in order to encourage a mood that is fit for learning.
  • Know how colors could affect your health. Chromotherapy enthusiasts also believe that color is associated with the healing of particular ailments and of specific body parts. That is because they believe that symptoms of ailments are caused by an imbalance of colors in a person’s “aura” or energy field. Chromotherapy is believed to properly adjust the balance in each of a person’s aura, and so the key is knowing where the ailment lies in order to adopt the proper realignment that is necessary.
If the ailment lies in the joints, for example, strong yellow and strong blue are applied to the affected body part. Red is used for ailments in the circulatory and nervous systems; pink is used for ailments in the blood stream; green is used to cleanse the body of toxins and impurities; and yellow is used to improve the quality of the skin.
  • Schedule an appointment with a chromotherapist. How does a session with a chromotherapist work? First, a diagnosis of your ailments will occur. Once the source of these ailments is pinpointed, the chromotherapist will apply light to that part of the body through the use of colored lenses, colored light bulbs or crystals.
  • Try color breathing. An easy chromotherapy technique you could do at home is to do color breathing. To do this, you would just have to close your eyes and visualize yourself being surrounded by pure white energy; then imagine that you are breathing in a particular color that you need in order to restore your energy balance. If you feel that you need to relax, for example, you could imagine that you are breathing in the color blue.

Remember, you should try out chromotherapy as an alternative mode of therapy, but you should not rely on this solely for better health. It’s important that you adapt an over-all healthful lifestyle in order to better promote your wellbeing. In addition, you should have realistic expectations, and know that chromotherapy is not scientifically proven and is strictly an alternative form of treatment only. You should also make sure that you consult with your doctor for other treatment methods especially for the case of serious ailments. Good luck, and hope this helped you out!


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