How To Use Correct Technique on a Rowing Machine

More and more people are beginning to use the rowing machine as the preferred form of cardiovascular exercise because of the rowing machine’s ability to move almost all of the major muscle groups in the body, foster blood flow and respiration, and burn plenty of calories. You can get rowing fitness through indoor rowing by undertaking rowing exercises through rowing equipment. The full benefits of a rowing machine can be had when the machine is used properly. Here’s how.

  1. Back exercises. Before using a rowing machine, you need to make sure that your back is well exercised and sturdy enough to withstand the pressure of a rowing machine. One of the simplest exercises that you can do to promote a better back is by standing in front of a wall. Place your arms on the wall and move your body towards the wall. The movement should be something similar to a pushup done while in standing position.
  2. Body position. There are several things that you need to ensure while using the rowing machine. First, the legs should be used to exert the general pressure for the rowing pressure, and not the arms or the back. Doing otherwise will exert unnecessary pressure on the back and arms. People with lower back problems will not be able to use the rowing machine unless they are able to use their legs for moving. You should also keep your back straight, and your elbows tucked as close as possible to the body. The movements done while using the rowing machine should also be very fluid.
  3. The catch. The first step to using the rowing machine is done by leaning forward. The body should be erect but in a forward reclining position, with the shin and arms pointing straight upwards in a vertical position.
  4. Drive. Next, you will need to push down your legs and then slowly lean back to make the pull in the rowing machine. To finish off the drive move, you will need to complete the pull using your arms, with the elbows moving backwards. At this point, you will notice that your legs will straighten out, although incompletely. At all times, make sure that your back is anchored firmly on the seat and that you are moving your hips as well, to prevent injury. You will finish off the drive by pulling the handle of the rowing machine as close to your body as possible, near the torso.

Finally, you will need to return to the previous position. Do this by slowly allowing the handle to return to the position. your body should also begin to bend forward, which will be done by allowing your legs to bend in. in the final steps, you should return to the initial position, where the knees are bent up, near the elbows, and with the body in a slightly forward reclined position.


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