How To Use Dandelion to Treat Diabetes

Hyperglycemia or high blood sugar is a sign of diabetes and this can be one of the worst diseases known to man.  Diabetes can be fatal if not controlled and monitored as it can lead to death-related medical complications such as kidney and heart failure.  Normally, if you are diagnosed with diabetes, your physician will normally prescribe medication that will regulate your blood sugar levels.  A strict low-sugar diet will be required as well.  Fortunately, there are natural and alternative diabetes treatments you can explore that can help regulate your blood sugar.  One such treatment and remedy is the use of dandelion.  This herb is known to regulate glucose levels significantly and here are some tips on how to use it for this particular intent.

  • Dandelion tea.  The most popular way to use dandelion to treat diabetes is by drinking it as a tea.  The drink is not only refreshing but has been proven to be a potent aid to regulate blood sugar levels.  Pour some dry dandelion leaves into a cup of boiling water and let it steep for about 15 minutes.  Drain the tea to separate the leaves from it and take a sip.  Drink the tea 3 times a day and monitor your blood sugar.  You should see vast improvements.  However, make sure to stay on a low-sugar diet even if the tea is accomplishing the job.  You can purchase commercial dandelion tea bags if dandelion flowers are unavailable however, the latter is always better.
  • Dandelion soup.  A great way to take dandelion without any effort is to mix it in the soup you take during your regular meals.  Sprinkle some fresh dandelion leaves in a soup.  This will add flavor and the leaves can be eaten.  This will surely provide you the blood sugar regulation you desire not to mention the nutrients that the leaves can bring to your system.
  • Dandelion salad.  Like the soup, you can mix dandelion leaves in a salad.  For instance, if you are preparing a nice Caesar's salad for lunch, sprinkle some fresh dandelion leaves and toss the salad to mix the leaves together with the lettuce and other ingredients.  Apply some dressing and start munching away.  Ingesting the dandelion leaves can significantly control your glucose levels.  The leaves are tasty so it should not be a problem for you to eat it.
  • Dandelion supplement.  Health stores carry various brands of dandelion supplements in a capsule.  If you don't like drinking or eating the leaves because of its taste, then you can consider purchasing the capsule instead.  Taking 1 capsule per day should be enough.
  • Monitor sugar levels.  Once you start taking dandelion, make sure to monitor your sugar levels.  It is important to see if the treatment works or not.  Holistic and alternative medicine practitioners vouch for its potency.

The dandelion treatment will only really be effective if you stick to a prescribed low-sugar diet and exercise.  Consult your physician for these prescriptions and to make sure that the ingestion of dandelion will not conflict with the other medication that you may be required to take due to your condition.


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