How To Use Energy Healing to Overcome Addiction

First of all, what is energy healing? Energy healing works with the belief (according to Ayurvedic medicine) that the human body has “chakras” or energy centers that govern particular emotions and qualities, as well as help determine one’s physical health and well-being. Life energy, which is present all around, is flown in and out of a person’s body through these chakras, and the resulting flow makes up the person’s aura.

There are seven major chakras found in the body. One of these is the crown chakra, which is located on top of the head, and which is said to be the center of the body’s spirituality. Another is the solar plexus chakra, which is located at the middle part of the spine, which is said to be the region for one’s self-worth. It is important, according to practitioners, to keep these chakras balanced and unblocked in order to promote total wellness in mind and body. Disease, both emotional and physical is actually a manifestation of energy that is unbalanced.

Even addiction is said to be effectively stopped through energy healing. Here are some of the guidelines for using energy healing in order to overcome addiction:

  • Consult with an energy healing practitioner. Those who are experts in this field of alternative therapy are said to be able to tell if the chakras are in good condition: which are shut down, and which are working overtime. It would take about one to two sessions for the practitioner to be able to find out the condition of your chakras. During an energy healing session, the practitioner would scan your energy field and then remove blocks and correct misalignments through the use of hand motions. Then, they should give a recommendation on some lifestyle changes that you’d need to do to maintain the proper condition of your chakras.
  • Seek intuitive counseling. Yet another form of energy healing is intuitive counseling, which might help you find out the actual roots of your addiction. Many times, addiction could be a symptom of a deeper need, such as the need to be accepted or a need to handle the stresses and pressures of life. Intuitive healing seeks to examine a person’s previous life experiences in order to uncover and in turn address the possible cause of addiction.
  • Detoxify. Another principle that works with energy healing is the need to feed your chakras in order to promote better energy flow. You should have a diet based on the particular chakras that need to be restored. If the practitioner finds that you need to restore your solar plexus chakra, for example (that is, you’d need to boost your self-esteem if this is the root of the addiction problem), you need a diet filled with pasta, bread, cheese, and natural spices.

Remember, it all starts with having the drive to combat your addiction. Whatever type of addiction it is that you’re dealing with, know that there’s plenty of help around  and that there are many different treatment modes that would be best for your situation. Good luck, and hope this helped!


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