How To Use Folk Medicine to Treat Colds

The common colds as well as all other common illnesses have always been remedied by old traditional natural treatments that integrate herbs with certain traditional beliefs. These traditional and somewhat ancient remedies are now called folk medicine and can vary from region to region. Through the centuries, some of these folk medicinal remedies have been so widely acclaimed to be quite effective that it has survived the test of time and continues to be used in healing certain conditions such as colds. If you have a cold and want a natural treatment to get rid of it, then here are some treatment options for you.

  • Research on folk remedies. Folk medicine will vary from region to region. For instance, the folk treatments for colds in the Native American culture may differ greatly with the folk treatments found in Europe. However, most remedies are similar in some substances. In any case, it would be wise to do some research on certain folk medicinal remedies for a cold across multiple cultures. A good rule of thumb is to use a folk remedy that is exactly similar in several native cultures. Another possible region to look closely at for folk medicinal remedies are China, which has the most natural and alternative remedies that has been proven to be effective. Of course, the research should be focused on treating the common cold.
  • Consult a holistic practitioner. Aside from the research, you may want to consult a holistic or homeopathic practitioner as these people specialize in natural remedies. They will recommend treatments that you can consider to be folk medicine.
  • Drink herbal tea. A common folk treatment that is found in many native and ancient cultures is herbal tea. Drink a hot cup of herbal tea mixed with a few drops of honey. This can soothe the lungs and throat and may decongest your nasal cavities now filled with snot and the like. The herbs for the tea may vary but most people find ginseng root quite effective.
  • Take vitamins. Obviously, you can always opt for commercial and synthetic vitamins in the market. However, old herbal remedies also provide healthy doses of the vitamins needed to cure and counteract the common cold. For instance, drinking orange juice is a common treatment adapted in modern times but was already believed to contain certain nutritional ingredients needed to fight the common respiratory conditions. A less known folk treatment is beet juice which you can try as well. Beet juice is jam packed with vitamins but can taste rather nasty. Make sure to add a few drops of honey to liven up the taste and add a soothing effect.
  • Get bed rest. Across all cultures, the common colds can be healed through bed rest. This was the belief before and still the belief today. In other words, the best folk medicine to treat your cold will be complete bed rest. Combine this with natural and herbal treatments and you should beat that cold sooner than you think.

No matter what you do and choose, it would be good to consult an expert to point you in the right direction. It is vital to read up on various natural remedies as well. Of course, visit your physician to inquire if the treatment you are about to take may conflict with any medication or condition you have.


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