How To Use Gravity Boots

When you hear of gravity boots, you may think of high tech footwear used by astronauts to walk in space. There are also anti-gravity boots, which are also not used to defy earth gravity. While these are designed definitely considering the physics involved, with all the quantum mechanics and complicated equations studied to make sure it will work well, surprisingly, gravity boots are designed for fitness.

These are just some of the out-of-this-world exercise equipment, if you will, that helps the user burn calories and lose weight. Gravity boots are worn to secure the feet, and then it has straps that are supposed to be secured on a sturdy overhead rod. So when you wear one, you end up hanging on a rod upside down. It is advisable to wear thick, comfortable socks with the gravity boots since it will be supporting all your body weight.

These boots may be used just for you to relax and meditate like a bat does. You can also do some rigid exercises like crunches and squats, upside down. It is very challenging to do it that way, and you are guaranteed to sweat a lot in the process. Constant exercise not only trim your tummy, but it also strengthen your legs and ankles, as well as your torso. You can also just "hang" upside down without exercising, since the mere act of "hanging" somehow stretches your spine, by the pull of gravity.

Make sure you secure the rod in place, and it can support your weight. Place the rod at a distance from the floor that a few inches more than your height, but not too high. You can also purchase an inversion rack where you can mount your gravity boots. This is good for those who do not have any secure structure in their homes where they can use their gravity boots. It is not advisable for people with blood pressure conditions to use gravity boots. Also, pregnant women and those with eye disorders like glaucoma should not exercise this way. It is best to ask a doctor's permission first.

Anti-gravity boots, on the other hand, are worn and serves as a mobile trampoline. As the name connotes, you feel like you are always airborne, on zero gravity, when you wear the boots, because you bounce off the ground when you take a step. The boots have rubber springs that cause you to bounce off. There are several sizes, and you can use it indoors or outdoors, but only on even, dry surfaces. Safety is a very important factor, so you should be in an area that is clear of furniture that you might bump into.

Anti-gravity boots help you burn calories by jumping and hopping, so your leg muscles are strengthened, and your tummy is also worked out since balancing takes some muscle work in the torso. It is best to have someone with you when you use these boots, to make sure you do not hit the pavement when you land. Also be careful on your speed and the force of your jump. Also seek the approval of your doctor before starting anti-gravity exercises.


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