How To Use Gripe Water to Naturally Treat Baby Colic

Colic is one baby condition that most parents consider as a nightmare. Imagine having a baby crying all day and all night despite all your efforts to console him and keep him comfortable, dry, and well fed. This condition can lead your baby to develop a variety of symptoms such as sleeplessness, hiccups, and pain. Technically, there is not fixed cause for this condition but somehow, it can be related to an upset stomach, bad bowels, allergies, or a dysfunction in the baby’s nervous system. In any case, one way to treat the condition is through the administering of gripe water. Here are some facts on gripe water, what it can do for your baby, and how to administer it.

  • Consult a pediatrician. While there can be dozen of causes for colic with no existing medical way to pinpoint it, it is still always a smart move to consult a pediatrician prior to applying any treatment whether natural or synthetic. Who knows, by having the pediatrician examine your baby, he might be able to narrow down the possible causes. Maybe an allergic reaction to the beddings or digestive problems may be the cause and in this case, the physician may recommend a treatment or solution for your colicky baby. If no cause is found and no treatment is prescribed, then you can proceed with the exploration of gripe water as treatment.
  • Purchase gripe water. Many companies have begun to manufacture commercial gripe water in masses due to the fact that it can provide relief and comfort to a colicky baby. Yes, success has been found through the administering of gripe water to a baby. This is because of the combination of herbs used to make the concoction. Typical gripe water will consist of herbs like ginger, chamomile, and fennel. These herbs are known to provide relief and cure-all properties. When purchasing gripe water, always go with the most natural and organic brand. Natural and organic are the safest especially for infants. However, make sure to pay attention to the administering instructions since organic gripe water may tend to be more potent than that of the synthetic kind. You can find various brands sold at your local health and wellness supply stores.
  • Combine with milk. One way in administering gripe water to a baby is by mixing it with the milk, which you will be feeding him. Whip out a medicine dropper and suction off a few drops of gripe water. Mix the contents of the dropper into the bottle of milk you are preparing. A couple of drops should do fine. Shake bottle before having the baby go down on it.
  • Administer directly. You may administer the gripe water directly as well. Of course, your baby may have some resistance to the taste so you will have to feed it to him with a little more effort. Get your dropper and suck in a couple of drops of water. Again, make sure to read the instructions with regards to the right dosage. Coddle the baby and insert the dropper into his mouth and bombs away. Make sure to keep the baby as comfortable as you can during this time.

You may need to wait a couple of minutes before the gripe water works. During that time, make sure to comfort your baby. He may be crying but with the gripe water consumed and your motherly touch all around the baby, he should gradually stop crying and finally, both of you will have a little peace.


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