How To Use Hypnosis to Treat Phobias

There are many reasons for phobias. They can cause great stress and anxiety and may become a serious disorder. There are many ways of overcoming phobias, sometimes by exposing the person to the situation while others by experiencing the situation. But if it is not humanly possible or is too traumatizing for the person, then hypnosis is also another way of treating phobias.

  1. Be aware. You should not only be aware of the procedures you have to use in hypnosis, but also of the phobia you are going to treat. There is more than one factor affecting the phobia, so you must be aware of the environment and other things that affect the person. Aside from this, when conducting the hypnosis you must make the person calm and find a quiet and comfortable place to perform it so that it will be more effective. You must also be specific in what you want to accomplish so you have to be very systematized with everything before you begin.
  2. Timing. This involves being able to perform hypnosis at the proper time and at the proper intervals. Make sure that you perform the hypnosis at the same time every session to have a sense of regularity. You must time your progress on the first try to estimate the time you will need for the next time, and if there is any improvement in connection to it. For example, the person is afraid to go to the dentist because of a dental phobia. You would have to perform the hypnosis either the night before the appointment, or hours before the appointment. It depends upon the person, and the factors that affect him. This is why you must be aware of every single factor that may have a drastic effect on the person.
  3. Soothing music. It is not a prerequisite to hypnosis, but it helps focus the person to tune in to your voice, or the imagery you are trying to present. When the person has focused on the music, allow him to take note of your voice, and imagine what you are saying, the scenery or the situation, the sights, smells and sounds. You can even try playing the whole tune and make it jive with the mood of whatever you are saying to make it more effective. You have to make sure that the person is comfortable to prevent panic attacks from occurring while under hypnosis.
  4. Practice. This doesn't mean practicing on the next person you see, but more of practicing your manuscript, or the lines you have prepared for the session. Hypnosis is a very delicate procedure, so you have to be sure with your voice and what you are saying. If you have problems with mumbling, practice to speak in a clearer voice. Remember, the person will be under your control through this whole time, so make sure that you can start it properly and let him get safely to the end safely.

Phobias are quite common, like being afraid of small spaces (claustrophobia), public speaking or fear of social interaction among others. Whatever the phobia is, make sure to have the proper tools and necessary precautions.


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