How To Use Music for Stress Relief

Music affects the body in numerous ways that can improve overall health. This is the main goal for a new field known as music therapy. You can use music in your life every day to achieve stress relief on your own. One the best benefits of relieving stress by music is that it can be used while you are doing your regular activities, so it never takes time away from your schedule. Music helps you find enjoyment in your activities and at the same time lowers stress levels.

These are just some of the ways that music can be used to enhance your activities and relieve stress:

  1. When getting ready for the day. Wake up to music and start the day feeling great while lowering stress levels.
  2. As you are paying the bills. It does not always take a lot of concentration to pay bills and often times we become unfocused. Playing music will take your mind off the stresses of finances and make the bill writing more enjoyable.
  3. While in the car. Avoid road rage by listening to your favorite music. It may relieve some tension in longer travels. Enjoy this time you have to yourself, and take your mind off reaching the destination. You will arrive less stressed and more prepared.
  4. While you are cleaning the house. There are many people who do not like cleaning and are just too tired at the end of the day. An uncluttered and clean home can help to reduce stress, and this can be made easier with music. Energetic or hip-hop music will help to raise your energy and help you have fun as you are cleaning.
  5. When preparing a meal. Sometimes people are just too tired to cook when they get home from a long day, but good nutrition is very important to a healthy life. Meals at home can be healthier and less expensive. If you put on your favorite music or tunes, cooking will become a fun activity rather than a chore. You will quickly become relaxed and be able to enjoy and savor the meal.
  6. Before going to bed. Your ability to handle stress can be made easier by getting enough sleep. Stress can also interfere a lot with sleep. Music being played while you try to go to sleep will take many things off your mind, slow your breathing down and soothe your body.


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