How To Use Positive Affirmations to Change Your Life

With all of the motivational speaking engagements around telling others to give positive vibes, or positive affirmations, it is no wonder why these events draw people in. People in sales are not the only ones that benefit from using positive affirmations in their daily or professional lives. Positive affirmations can be used as a lifelong tool throughout many different arenas in life.

Other professions such as teachers, whether in the educational or a coaching field, utilize the power of positive confessions to influence their students in a positive manner. Positive affirmation has been taught in the church and even in the biblical sense.

You may ask how positive affirmations can change your life, your attitude, or the situations that may arise in your daily life such as relationships with others. Positive confession can be an uplifting experience for many, even in the worst of times. By speaking positively about a situation, it allows you to look at the situation as more as glass half-full, rather than as a glass half empty. For example, if you may have been filling out applications for employment and have yet to be hired, this can leave you with a feeling of being rejected. If you decided to say to yourself, out loud, that you are continuing in your job search and you will have that job you have been wanting, then by speaking positively, it not only will help keep you motivated but it will also help keep you focused on the goal.  It may be easier to be negative about situations than it is to be more positive, it takes effort on your part to confess positive affirmations over a seemingly negative situation.

Another area that strikes many individuals is a health issue. If an unfortunate illness has stricken you, you may not want to hear or focus on the negatives or a negative outcome. Your friends or family members should support you during this difficult time, and they should be positive and use positive affirmations to give you hope and a vision of a better outcome than what you may be seeing. People who are sick can easily become depressed and isolated, so it is important that your spirits be filled with positive feelings. There are even institutes that provide this type of special attention in being positive with their patients. You should not confuse this with false hope and false expectations. It may be a fact that you may be sick now, but by your family and yourself staying positive and saying positive words like you are healed and that you feel great, will not make the situation any worse than it may be. It’s been suggested for people who are depressed or sick, to get a good dose of laughter in daily, as it has been said laughter triggers parts of the brain to send off chemicals that give the sensation of happiness and relaxation.

In the Bible, it says to call those things that be not, as though they are. Calling things into your life could happen by a negative or positive statement. It would be better if you said that makes me tired, than saying that something makes you sick. Being tired is not as bad as being sick. Positive affirmations can help you stay focused on the positives in life, things can always be worse. By speaking positive over any situation, it may not only make you feel better about the situation, but speaking positive has the ability to also change the situation. Speaking or giving positive affirmations can always help in one way or another, but speaking negatively can be harmful in many ways.


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