How To Use Positive Power Instead of Negative Thinking

It only stands to reason that if a person surrounds himself with negative feelings and thoughts, negative people, and stressful situations, he will undoubtedly become a negative person. Feelings such as depression and anxiety can result from a negative lifestyle, which is not good for a person physically or mentally.

We all know the person who, when asked how he is, he always responds with how sick he has been. Spring, summer, winter or fall, he has always just gotten over a bad illness. Or, the person who can’t keep a job because of faults of his employers.  No matter how many jobs he has lost through the years, it is never his fault. This is called negative energy, and when emitted long enough, it shows through to the people surrounding you.

Turning on that positive thought power will make you feel good about yourself, about others, and you will feel healthier too. Not to mention, you will have more energy and feel refreshed.  The negative energy tends to suck the life right out of you and make you tired.  Granted, it is not always easy to be in positive thinking mode, especially in situations that are out of your control.  Maintaining a positive mental thought process can sometimes take a lot of work.

There are a few simple things a person can do to keep focused on having a positive outlook. These tips should be thought of continuously and always remain foremost in your thoughts.

  • Turn on that smile. It is the first thing people notice about you. When people see you or hear your name, you want them to have positive thoughts about you. Giving a good impression of yourself can take you far.
  • When you are at work, try associating with only the positive people.  It doesn’t help your work ethic if you are surrounded by begrudging employees.
  • Have a list of your goals handy.  Make sure you have both long term and short term goals. Only having long term goals can make you feel discouraged if it takes a while to accomplish them.
  • You have heard of random acts of kindness. Try to help someone out once a day. Pay the toll for the car behind you or leave an extra big tip for the waitress. These acts make us feel good.

As stated earlier, it is not always easy to keep a positive design.  There are times when we are faced with situations that are beyond our control.  At these times in our lives, we have to find a way to make the best of it.  Basically, it involves accepting the situation for what it is and finding a way to adjust to it.  There is nothing beneficial in being negative and miserable about a situation that cannot be changed. And, a lot of times the only way one can adapt is to have a strong sense of faith.  That may be the only way to see you through.


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