How To Use Power Blocks for a Work Out

Sit-ups, push-ups, and curls are all well and good, if you want to keep in shape. If you want to add contours, rips, and flesh on your bones, however, the best tools to use are the dumbbell weights. Designed to accelerate muscle growth and improve your physique as quickly as possible, the dumbbell works like no other piece of gym equipment. The concept is basic and simple, but the results are some of the best. Because dumbbells are not fixed on a machine or even to a bar that needs to be lifted with both hands, you are forcing as much muscle coordination as possible. If you are thinking of starting you own gym or building up a home gym, the Power Blocks dumbbell is one of the best choices. You can even buy used Power Blocks on Ebay. Here is how to use these power dumbbells for your workout.

  1. Insert core handle into nest. Unlike circular dumbbells that work through dials or clips, the Power Blocks are designed with a convenient square shape that is optimized for greater stability and control. These power weights consist of a core handle that fits snugly into power racks or a nest where all the additional weight plates are arranged. To use the Power Block, simply place the core handle and align with the nest. Once settled, all of the grooves that accommodate the weight plates will position themselves on the corresponding plates.
  2. Select the weights. The ingenious positioning and grooved system of the Power Blocks makes it very easy to select weights. Unlike dial type dumbbells where you will need to screw on and tighten the weight discs, the Power Block has a fitting system that works automatically once you select the weights from the nest. To select the weights, use the Power Block pin to choose which weight plate you will exercise with. This will then push the plates into place and instantly lock the weights into the core handle. No need for any tightening on your part. Because all of the parts are designed to the micrometer, the Power Block will neither wiggle nor creak while you work out. The weight plates also come in color codes to make weight selection review as easy as possible. The weight plates on the Power Block can also be changed in five or ten pound increments. Because some exercises require minute variations in weight, the Power Block also comes with adder weights that come in 2.5 pound values that are just as heavy as little salt blocks.
  3. Lift. Once you have selected your desired weight, simply lift the core handle out of the nest and you are ready to go. The handle and the shape of the dumbbell itself has been specifically designed power rubber to make gripping as easy as possible, and ensures that you will not snag your hands on the weights.

Fairly more difficult to master than the other gym machines that are designed primarily for convenience and only secondarily for muscle growth, it is the Power Block dumbbell that gives results. Whether for beginners in body building or professionals, this dumbbell has all the weight increments you need – all within a solid and compact build that makes lifting a pleasure.


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