How To Use Power Blocks in Your Exercise Routine

Working out for endurance and muscle development? Then dumbbells are surely the best answer for that. However, with the need for different weights, a set of power dumbbell can be very space-consuming and expensive. Thanks to the introduction of Power Blocks. This problem is eliminated without sacrificing the efficiency of the equipment.

Though not everyone knows about the distribution of this exercise equipment set, Power Blocks are good investments in a low cost and compact way. This makes it perfect for a lifetime exercise routine, anytime and anywhere. Here are some helpful tips on how to use Power Blocks in your exercise routine.

  • In terms of usage the power dumbbell is very much similar to the usual weights. You can get one from the power racks and do your usual exercise lifting routine either standing up, sitting, or lying in a bench. Since this is not electrical equipment, it is fine to devote more time practicing and exercising with it.
  • If you have experienced training in a gym with the use of dumbbells, you can still practice this activity with the use of Power Blocks. This will definitely bring out similar results as that of your elite gym training before.
  • You can still use these power weights in other elite non-electrical trainer’s program such as overhead presses, chest presses, bicep curls, lunges, squats, one-arm rows, and a lot more activities.
  • If you are a beginner, you can start lifting the 50-pound power weights, increase it to 90 pounds, and then get as much as 130 pounds. The good thing about these power weights is that all of the weights are in one compact equipment. There are no more separate sets for each weight. You can just enter a metal pin for your desired weight and off you go for the equipment set you want to lift.
  • You can check out TV shows and advertisements of Power Blocks. More often than not, they present effective ways on how you can use each set depending on your objectives. The good thing about TV videos is that you are able to visualize the proper use of the equipment.
  • You can buy CDs with emphasis on using power weights. You can adopt a lot of exercise activities from them wherein you can make use of the weights in your power racks.

With the power brought about by Power Blocks sets, you will surely achieve your daily exercise objectives. They save much of your space for storage and make it convenient for you to bring them anywhere you go. Indeed, when you make this equipment a part of your exercise routine, it is never far that you will achieve what you want to get. Just make sure the equipment is used in the right manner.


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