How To Use Vitamins to Boost Metabolism

Taking ascorbic acid

It's a fact that the older we get, the slower our metabolism becomes. So how does this affect our bodies? Even if we maintain the same diet, a slower metabolism means our bodies will have a harder time converting the food we eat into energy. Food that's not converted into energy becomes fat and we gain the extra weight. That's the problem. What we need is something that can boost metabolism, which is what vitamins can also do. Here are tips on how you can use vitamins to boost your metabolism, and some things you can do to complement your intake of vitamins and make it more effective.

  • Adjust to a healthier, vitamin-infused diet. The best and easiest way to take vitamins to help boost your metabolism is by sticking to a healthier diet. One that includes a lot of fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamins A, B Complex, and C.
  • Consult your physician. It never hurts to consult your physician, since he knows best about your physical health and condition. You can ask recommendations on what vitamins you can take that would help speed up your metabolism. It is also best to consult your doctor first because he will consider recommending you vitamins that won't conflict with prescribed medication that you're taking for a pre-existing health condition, if you have any. 
  • Determine which vitamins you need more. You only need to take vitamin supplements as needed. For example, if you feel like you get easily tired and worn out most of the time, you might be lacking some Vitamin B in your diet. Taking a Vitamin B Complex supplement would surely help you to gain more energy and fight sluggishness and fatigue. If you notice that you are easily prone to catching colds and other mild viruses, you have to toughen up your immune system by taking more natural doses and supplements of Vitamin C.  
  • Opt for a multi-vitamin dose every day. Multivitamins are a dime a dozen these days and there's no need for you to have a prescription so you can get one. They contain all the vitamin and mineral supplements you'll be needing from A to Zinc.   
  • Add a Vitamin B Complex supplement. Vitamin B Complex provides our bodies with so many things it needs to function normally, that even a slight deficiency would cause setbacks like minor dermatitis or hair loss. In fact, Vitamin B aids in achieving healthy skin, toned muscles, stronger immune systems, plus normal cell growth and functions. Food sources like bananas, potatoes, lentils, dairy products, eggs, chili peppers, and whole grains are good natural sources of Vitamin B. While eating liver, turkey, and tuna will give you your much needed dose of Vitamin B-12.  
  • Eat well-balanced, regular meals. The "never skip meals" rule also applies when you want to boost your metabolism. A lot of us are fooled into thinking that if we skip meals or eat very little, we'll lose weight. That is a common misconception. Skipping meals only makes us hungrier and upsets out metabolism. Our body won't have enough food to convert into energy, and if this happens, it relies on stored up energy, which of course, needs to be replaced. If you use that up too you'll only end up weak and sluggish.
  • Complement with a regular workout regimen. You also need to add a regular workout regimen to your formula if you want the vitamin supplements to take effect faster. Aerobics and cardio-beneficial exercises like walking for 30 minutes 3-4 times a week can gradually do wonders to improve your health. It can boost metabolism and leave you more energized. 

If you want to instantly boost your metabolism, you shouldn't stop at taking vitamin supplements only. Of course, the vitamins will still do its wonders, but you also need to complete it with some healthy habits that would help your vitamin supplement yield better results. Adopt a healthier diet, a regular workout regimen that would suit you, and remember to eat regular meals every day. With these combined efforts plus a little patience, you'll be sure to achieve your goal in no time.


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