How To Work Chakra Stones

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means turning or wheel. These are the energy centers that run from the base of your spine up until the top of the head. There is a debate on the number of chakras, but there are seven points of life source in the body that are considered as the main chakras. It is believed that the chakra is like a sphere of energy flowing through your endocrine system. It is closely associated with different parts of the body, elements, functions and chakra stones. If you understand the healing effect of these seven main chakras, you will start to see your true self.

The chakra stones originated from the Indian culture, specifically from Hinduism. These stones have been used as an alternative healing therapy for thousands of years. They are also used for the psychic reading of one’s aura, psychic healing and in clearing all diseases and blockages in the body.

Here are some ways on how chakra stones work:

  • Healing Therapy. The stones correspond to the seven vital chakra points on the body. They are the crown (associated with the spiritual energy), the third eye (associated with psychic reading or abilities and dreams), the throat (for communication and self-expression), the heart (love), the solar plexus (navel), the sacral (in the lower abdomen) and the base (foundation of our entire being). These areas of the body decide which chakra is right for your healing therapy needs. These stones are usually used as tools in holistic healing for the mind, body and soul.
  • Yoga Kundalini. Yoga is associated with tantra that is based on balancing the chakra centers in the body. Chakra stones are used for meditation and for yoga so that you can concentrate deeply on the different chakra points in your body. Proper breathing is one technique that is used in meditation. You can improve your meditation technique by listening to meditation CDs and rubbing essential oils on your pulse points. You can also use aromatherapy candles and oils. While doing this, you can also concentrate on different statues or images, such as Ganesh, Kali, Krishna or Lakshmi. This will definitely improve your concentration on the different chakra centers while using chakra stones.
  • Psychic readings. Many psychics use the aura readings and chakra readings to aid you in learning about your own energies. There are various types of readings and sessions that psychics can do. They will also be able to balance your chakra by using chakra stones and dealing with sounds, movements and colors.

Energy centers are utilized in chakra healing to aid you in the growth of your flow of energy so that you take off the blocks and negative or bad energies that are inside your body. Energy flow, chakras and auras are said to be related to each other. To know how to use the chakra stones, you may want to seek the help of an expert on chakra healing. You can also do your own online research so that you can learn more things about the subject of chakra healing, and how chakra stones are used.


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