How To Workout with a Rowing Machine

You may have seen a rowing machine in some gyms. The concept of rowing machines comes from the watercraft rowing. The same benefits and techniques are used. The same calories are burned with the same workout. Perhaps the only obvious difference of the rowing machine is that you won't need water for the rowing exercise.

Actually, the idea of indoor rowing was created because people needed a way to practice rowing. And so, the indoor rowing fitness equipment was born. Thanks to that idea, people are able to get the same benefits of watercraft rowing without facing the challenges of water.

It's a good decision to get yourself an indoor rowing machine. It is a big purchase, so before you spend your money on a rowing machine, make sure you learn about the benefits first:

  • Complete exercise - A rowing machine is like an all-in-one workout machine. Using this for your exercise can give you the full body workout. You get to move your arms, hands, back, legs, abs and laps. Almost all parts of your body can be exercised and therefore can be built with some muscles. More than that, this machine also helps your cardiovascular exercise as long as you know how to breathe properly while using this. Most of all, rowing machines help you burn calories. All these can be done with just one fitness machine.
  • Saves time - One session with a rowing machine is usually 10 minutes only. Within that 10 minutes, you can exercise almost all parts of your body and get the full benefits of a 30-minute exercise without even spending half that required time.
  • Private - Getting your own indoor rowing machine will save you from going to the gym. You can just have the machine in your room and workout there.
  • Portable - Although really heavy, a rowing machine can be brought, for instance, on a long vacation to another place. You just need to disassemble and reassemble the machine at the new location.
  • Saves money - Imagine the cost of going to the gym - the enrollment to the class, your gasoline, and your time. With a rowing machine, you just need around $150 and you have a rowing machine. That price is even cheaper than a laptop or a mobile phone.
  • It's fun! Unlike other fitness machines, using the rowing machine is a lot more fun. Imagine, you're rowing a boat when you're using it, plus, burning extra calories and building some muscles.

You can get even more benefits from a rowing machine if you make the right purchase. It is best that you read reviews of various brands and models of indoor rowing. You can read reviews from forums to get an idea of the kind of rowing exercise equipment to get. 


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