How To Workout Your Cardiovascular System Correctly

Some people think that as long as they are working out, they are exercising their bodies and this is just good enough.  True.  But there is a right way to workout.  Learning the right way to workout your cardiovascular system will benefit your body in the long run and will prevent injuries and damage to your body.  Read this article to find out how you can workout your cardiovascular system correctly and maximize your body's benefits from the workout.

  • The ideal number of days to workout per week is three to five days. These daily workouts should not be less than 20-30 minutes and that's the minimum. The optimal time is about 30-40 minutes.
  • If you are integrating this with weight training or resistance training and you plan to do both on the same day, start with your resistance training, followed by your cardiovascular training. This is to optimize the effect of fat burning. The rationale behind this is that since resistance training or weight training are both anaerobic exercises, you are burning less fat. Since you are burning less fat, when it's time to hit the bike, the treadmill or the elliptical trainer, the body will look for sources of energy. But because you spent most of your energy during your weight or resistance training, your body will only have to go after your fats.
  • Stretching. An important part of cardiovascular workout is stretching. This goes together with the equipment. It is important both before and after any cardiovascular workouts. It is important to remember that you do not bounce while doing these stretching exercises. Good examples of stretching exercises:
    • Hamstring stretch, groin stretch - good for the back of your legs
    • Quad stretch - stretches out the front of your leg
    • Calves stretch - works out your calves and your lower leg
  • Cardiovascular Equipment. There are several equipments that you can use for your cardiovascular workout: arc gliders, elliptical trainers, treadmills, and upright and recumbent bicycles. Each of the equipment has their own different uses. Their uses depend on each kind of person and their needs.
    • Treadmill. The treadmill maybe one of the best equipment for cardiovascular training but it is not recommended for people with lower back pain, bad knees or hips. The continuous and repeated pounding will aggravate the pre-existing conditions.
    • Elliptical Trainer. With this equipment, your feet are stationary and it's your waist that does the work. This is good for working out your lower body. Although you also get this from the treadmill, you get it more out of this equipment.
    • Bicycles. Bicycles are also excellent equipments. They are easy to use. However, although you could have a nice, good sweat, bikes are not the best equipment to burn those fats.
    • Arc Gliders. This equipment is very similar with elliptical trainers. With your feet on pedals, it gives you an outstanding workout for your lower body and at the same time, a good cardiovascular workout.

The cardiovascular workout is important because it reduces your stress level, increases your stamina, it helps to regulate your blood pressure, reduces your cholesterol level, builds your bone and muscle strength.


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