How To Wrap an Ankle with an Ace Bandage

Sometimes, whether you like it or not, you get into unexpected accidents. Accidents that injure the muscles are common when your muscle is overworked. And the common cure in muscle accidents, also called muscle sprains, is wrapping the injured part of the body with an ace bandage.

Ace bandage or also known as elastic bandage is the main aid to bring the damaged muscle into good condition again.

Here are some steps on how to wrap an ankle with an ace bandage if you get a muscle sprain.

  • First, set your injured foot in a good position. A good position is achieved by elevating your injured leg and making your uninjured knee cross over the injured knee. You must do this first so that your muscle will hold up.
  • Second, produce a pad with a horseshoe-shape which has a thickness of 1 x 4 to 3 x 8 inches. This pad will be placed on the joints of your ankle and make sure that its end is open and it is also facing upward.
  • Third, wrap the ankle with an ace bandage for three to four times. While you are wrapping your ankle with an ace bandage, you have to remember to make sure that the ace bandage is not tightly wrapped around your ankle. The reason for this is because wrapping your ankle tightly will cut off the circulation, which in turn can make it swell. This will not be good for your injured ankle. It will take a longer time to recover. So make sure that it is not wrapped too tightly.
  • Fourth, wrap your entire foot for two times. After wrapping your ankle three to four times, you must wrap your entire foot too; but again, make sure that it is not too tight. The reason for wrapping your entire foot with the ace bandage is to help keep the ace bandage in place.
  • Use up the whole ace bandage strip on your injured ankle. This is done to ensure the firmness of the ace bandage on your foot. You can do this by overlapping it with the upper part of your ankle. You must do this as if you were placing a screw thread on your knee. You must make sure that there is enough pressure in your ankle.
  • Sixth, place a Velcro or metal clips or pins at the end of the ace bandage. This will be the final step in placing an ace bandage on your ankle.

You must loosen up the ace bandage three to four times everyday so that the blood can also flow even if it is being tightened by the ace bandage. This can again help with the fast recovery of your injured ankle.

As the old saying goes, "Prevention is always better than cure." You have to take good care of yourself so that you don't sprain your ankle in the first place. Because as useful as ace bandage is, some sprains might be so severe that you might have to go to a doctor.


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