How Visualization Techniques Help During Meditation

Everyone knows the healing power of meditation has been proven effective. It has long been practiced in Oriental medicine since the early civilizations. Meditation is one of the most effective techniques to make you soar to a deeper consciousness. It is very convenient and you don’t need tools to start practicing it. It is also very easy and can be done right at home. You’ll be able to feel renewed and rejuvenated once the session is over. You can start feeling good about yourself. Now, you can face life in a different light.

The visualization technique or imagery meditation is a very common exercise in meditation. Visualization can be further classified into passive and active visualization. Remember that the body suffers tremendously due to negative thoughts. Visualization techniques foster positive thinking. A sound mind, as they say, equates a sound body.

The visualization technique has been known to reduce stress, lessen aches and pain especially from muscle ailments. It can also do wonders for chronic illnesses like heart ailments, kidney and bladder problems and even migraines. It has also been found to relieve acne and skin disorders. Stress-induced disorders such as anxiety and trauma can be lessened through constant practice.

There are very easy exercises that you can do at home. All you need to allot is 10-20 minutes of each day to instantly feel the difference. Most people do these exercises during the quiet time of their day. It doesn’t matter when you do it though, this will all depend on your lifestyle. The first part of any meditation is the deep breathing exercise. Here, you have to learn the proper way of breathing to improve oxygen intake for good blood circulation. You will have to inhale and slowly exhale by counting to ten. The next part is the meditation visualization technique. This is normally done one by one. The first person suggests a scene, which can be visualized by the group. Others who will contribute an image to this scenery will soon follow him. Soon, it will grow to be a very vivid picture for everyone to imagine. This trance-like state will only be broken once the leader or the session has ended.

To continue the power of visualization, you can keep a journal handy so that you can write down your thoughts too. There is also a technique called pink bubble. You can do this by thinking of a certain image and enclosing it inside a bubble. Once it is safe inside, you can then pop it out to let the thought go. When you master this, you can easily let go of worry and other damaging thoughts.

Because of the powerful effects of imagery, it has been used outside of meditation purposes. Among the fields that use imagery to convey messages are architecture and computer design. Architectural graphics, architectural renderings, computer animation, data mining make use of 3d board for the modeling of an object. This is to check if the proportions and imaging of the object went well and according to plan.


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