How To Join Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is a fitness center known as the "Judgment-Free Zone".  The goal of this franchise is to create a workout area where anyone can be comfortable, and to promote health and wellness as a lifestyle choice for everyone.  Many of the clubs are open around the clock during the week, while others open as early as 5 a.m. for the working person or the early riser.

Joining Planet Fitness can be done in one of two ways.  You can visit your local center, and one of the employees will guide you through the application process.  Benefits of joining in this way are face-to-face contact with the employees at the gym; the ability to ask any questions you might have about the gym and the contract; and the ability to tour the gym, viewing the equipment and facilities that are available, as well as some of the additional services they provide there.

Another way to join Planet Fitness is through the website for your particular location.  To find your location, go to the homepage, and click on your state of residence to find your local fitness center.  You will then be taken to a list of locations within your selected state; select the location closest to you, or the location you are interested in joining, from the list where it says Visit Club Site.  This will take you to the site of your chosen club, and give you a number of options regarding available membership types.

There are a few options when it comes to joining Planet Fitness.  One level of membership is the "Black Card," which costs $19.99 a month and requires a 12-month commitment; this membership includes a t-shirt, unlimited tanning where available, 50% off cooler drinks, unlimited use of massage chairs where available, and unlimited guest privileges.  Another level of membership is $10 per month with no commitment; this is a basic membership for use of the fitness center only, and is a great idea if you want to try out the gym or you're not sure about how often you'll use the facilities.

Once you've chosen your membership level, you will be taken to an information form where you will fill out your name, address, phone number  and credit card information; this page also explains the billing procedure and contract.  Once you've entered your information, hit the Sign Me Up! button - and you're finished.


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