How To Get Life Extension Supplements

You may have heard of health supplements available on the market. They provide the necessary nutrients to maintain your health. Life extension supplements serve a similar purpose, to assist in prolonging your lifespan with proper nutrients, combined with the proper way of living. With the current type of diet that most people have these days, with being too active and overstressed with the demands of work, there are some nutrients that your body is not getting enough of. There are necessary nutrients to maintain good health, and to also ensure a long life. Here are some examples of life extension supplements and institutions.

  1. Durk Pearson&Sandy Shaw Formula. Their formulas include dietary supplements, cognitive improvement, skin health and other types of supplements that can help your different body needs. They also formulate their products to only have ingredients that do not cause allergic reactions. But of course you should still check on the individual ingredients for your own safety in case you have other allergies than what is mentioned in any of their supplements. Here are some sample products that you can look up.
  2. Liquid Life.  As opposed to the products that can be taken as a mix with other supplements, what they call “life liquid” is a supplementary drink where its contents are already the combination of several supplements in liquid form. They have formulated this product to contain minerals that are easily soluble by the body. For more information on this product, here is a sample page where it is being sold. There are also discount vitamins you can purchase, but make sure that they are compatible with your nutritional needs.
  3. Discount Vitamins. There are herbal versions of these vitamins that you can purchase in stores or online that can come cheaper than other brands of life extension supplements. You can also get these types of vitamins depending on your initial purchase, or if you are already a regular buyer. The Life Extension Foundation and Palm Beach Life Extension Foundation conduct studies regarding the different types of life extension supplements that the average person would need. And from these studies, they base what supplements to recommend to you when you go to them for a checkup. You can counter-check with these products online or in the market. Also remember to have a checkup with your doctor to get an initial recommendation so you can look into the contents of the supplements they will give and the difference with what you can buy online.
  4. Some Institutes. Here are some institutes you can browse for further information regarding life extension studies and life extension products.
    1. Palm Beach Life Extension Foundation:
    2. Life Extension Foundation:
    3. Cryonics: Alcor Life Extension:
    4. Another site that has information and tips on LEF is squidoo.

Although there are other procedures to extend life, they can only supplement your body. It is also up to you to keep your body in tip-top shape. So aside from taking in supplements, be sure to live a healthy lifestyle by eating the right foods, exercising daily, and having time for yourself to relax and have fun.


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