How To Live with Prostate Cancer

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer doesn’t mean that you can’t live a normal life anymore because there are treatments available to cure your condition.  However, you may still find prostate cancer as a challenging experience you have to go through.  Here are some ways to help you live a normal life even if you have prostate cancer:

  • Know everything you can about prostate cancer.  Understanding your condition allows you to handle it better and find more ways to fight it.  You could search articles about prostate cancer in other Internet sources as well as read books and magazines about it.  There are also seminars and classes about prostate cancer so you could attend these.
  • Communicate with your oncologist.  Ask your cancer doctor about your condition such as what are the possible causes of your disease, how fast is it progressing, is it spreading and to what other parts of your body, how you might be affected by the cancer, what are the available treatments, their effects and side effects and what you will experience before, during and after treatment.
  • Stick to your treatment.  If you are required to take certain medications, procedures or therapies, adhere to them to maximize the effectiveness of your treatments.  Inform your doctor when you have forgotten or can’t do something he has recommended you to do so that he may give alternative treatments. 
  • Inform your doctor about any change that you may be experiencing.  Pay attention to your body and health and if you feel that you have other illnesses or that your condition is worsening, go to your doctor immediately.  Early detection of the changes in your condition allows for hasty treatments, which will prevent your condition from getting worse.
  • Be healthy.  Having an illness such as prostate cancer requires you to take care of your health like you’ve never done before.   Ask your doctor about any steps you could take to make your body healthier and stronger to fight the disease better.  Eat properly and do mild exercises regularly to boost your immune system and prevent you from gaining excess weight, which will aggravate the cancer.  However, inform your doctor if you plan to take up exercises so he may know whether or not these are safe for you to do.
  • Find a support group.  A support group can help you handle your emotions by sharing experiences and advice with each other.  You could also discuss about treatment options as well as alternative therapies that you could take in order to alleviate the symptoms of prostate cancer or treat the disease as well.  Ask your oncologist if he knows a support group that you could join or go to cancer websites to find one near your area. 
  • Find people to help you.  These may be your relatives, loved ones or healthcare providers.  They will assist you do things that you find it hard to do in your condition as well as provide your medical and health needs.
  • Go for counseling.  Prostate cancer causes a lot of stress so take care of your psychological health as well.  Go to a counselor or psychologist you feel comfortable working with.

Having prostate cancer is tough but you can survive it.  Make use of the many sources of help available to you to make you recover easier.


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