How To Live with Thyroid Cancer

Being diagnosed with thyroid cancer doesn't mean that you have to stop living normally.  Here are ways to help you live with thyroid cancer and focus on other things that you want to do:

  • Go to a doctor.  If you suspect that you have thyroid cancer, the only way you can be sure about it is by having yourself checked by a trained medical practitioner.  You may undergo a series of tests such as physical assessments, blood tests and ultrasound tests.  Choose a thyroid cancer specialist or a medical practitioner who you could trust your health to.  Ask other thyroid cancer patients for doctors who give excellent care to patients.
  • Learn more about the disease.  If you arm yourself with knowledge such as what thyroid cancer is, how it progresses, how it affects your body, how it can be treated and where you could get treatments, you will be able to cope with your condition better.  Search for articles about thyroid cancer on the Internet, read books about the subject, attend seminars about it or interview those who are knowledgeable about the disease.
  • Study the available treatments that may alleviate the symptoms, their effects and side effects, and find out which one will best suit your situation, budget and tolerance.  Ask other thyroid cancer patients about treatments they could recommend.  This may come in many forms, i.e., through medication, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and others.  They may also recommend some alternative forms of treatment such as hypnosis, meditation, acupuncture, yoga, breathing and relaxation techniques.  Just make sure that before taking on a treatment, you consult your doctor first.
  • Live a healthy lifestyle.  This involves eating a balanced diet, getting plenty of exercise and adequate sleep, taking iodine supplements and staying away from vices such as caffeine, nicotine and alcohol.  This would help cure your disease and boost your immune system as well.  Ask your doctor about good health practices and things to avoid so that you will recover more easily.  As much as possible, stick to what the doctor recommends to ensure the effectiveness of the procedures that were carried out to cure your disease.
  • Join a support group for thyroid cancer.  Ask your doctor or your hospital for a recommendation, or search for support groups on the Internet or in directories.  Support groups are beneficial for your well-being because they can help you manage your feelings and discuss treatment options as well.  They may also serve as loyal friends who will be there for you during challenging times.
  • Look for a counselor to help you take care of your psychological and emotional health.  Having thyroid cancer can exert a bad influence upon your well-being to the point that you feel drained, exhausted and unable to function.  You may also alleviate certain symptoms that are brought about by stress and negative feelings. 

Living a normal life with thyroid cancer is possible.  Make use of various assistance available, and take care of your health to hasten your progress towards recovery.


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