Muscle Building Workouts

Muscles Building Workouts Muscle building workouts don't require expensive gym memberships or personal trainers. They do require a basic understanding of how to work out in order to build muscle tissue. Once you know the exercises, it is important to be consistent with them.

A good, over-all total muscle building workout should only take about 20 minutes, and be done 3-4 times each week. Allow a day in-between workouts for the muscles to rest and repair. Muscle building workouts are usually accomplished using weights, resistance bands or your own body weight.

Muscle is built as you repeat short, quick movements over and over. As muscles are consistently challenged, they build on themselves and increase in size. Walk with weights: The easiest method to begin muscle building is by combining hand weights on a walk. 3 or 5 pound weights work well for this. Your arms will become strengthened and toned as you walk simply by carrying a pair of weights on your morning walk.

Lunges: With one foot forward, one behind, gently hold 3 or 5 pound weights. Ease down slowly till the knee barely touches the ground and slowly rise back up. Repeat this movement 5 times. Switch foot positions and work the other side 6 times total. Repeat this pattern twice. Lunges strengthen the thigh muscles.

Squats: Separate feet shoulder width apart. Hold weights gently. Slowly squat down 6 times. Rest a moment, and then repeat. Squats work the thigh muscles. Arm Lifts: Hold weights gently, either 3 or 5 pounds. Lift arms slowly until parallel to the floor, and then stop. Slowly lower arms until at your sides again. Repeat 5 times. Sit ups: Lay on the floor, facing the ceiling. Lock arms behind head bend knees with your feet on the floor. Make a small lift motion in your upper body, without straining your neck until you feel it in the stomach. Repeat 11 times.

Push Ups: Lay face down on the floor. Place hands under shoulders, bend your knees. Slowly rise up to arm's length. Repeat 11 times. Leg Lifts: With the back of a chair in front of you to hold on to, separate feet shoulder width apart. Bend one knee and lift the foot, behind you. Now, lift your knee and foot behind until your leg is almost straight. Do this slowly, let it down and repeat 5 times. Switch to the other foot and repeat.

A consistent muscle building workout should show results in about 6 weeks.


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