How To Choose Orthopedic Braces for Foot and Ankle

Having foot brace

There are instances wherein your movement can be restricted, and at times needs support for you to be able to perform its normal function. In terms of the human body's foot and ankle, what is needed is an orthopedic brace.

In general, an orthopedic brace has a lot of functions, especially at times of injuries, surgeries, and even as a part of physical therapy. The braces have these following known functions:

  • Help to immobilize a joint or a body segment.
  • Restrict the movement in a given direction.
  • Assist movement.
  • Reduce some weight bearing forces.
  • Aid in correcting the shape of the body.

Most of the braces are made from elastic, neoprene, or a stiffer construction like hard plastic or metal. In case of foot and ankle braces, they are flexible devices that can be inserted in shoes to correct leg length, fallen arches, and any other foot problems.

Braces for the Foot

Some of the brace products for the foot are:

  1. Silicon Insoles. These devices are used for plantar fasciitis, fat pad atrophy, heel spurs, metatarsalgia, diabetic foot, hyperkeratosis, and a lot more foot problems.
  2. Shoe Inserts. Shoe inserts gives the following benefits:
    • Provide support for greater stability.
    • Provide relief from the everyday pain of heel strike.
    • Provide a lift along with maximum lateral stability. It is good for skiers, skaters, and rollerbladers.
    • Instant relief for tired, swollen, aching metatarsals.
    • Protect your feet from hard and unyielding surfaces.
    • Ability to absorb shock and will reduce fatigue and may actually help lower the incidence of injuries.

Braces for the Ankle

The magical works of braces for the ankles include:

  • Pull the ankle into position and hold it more securely for rehabilitation purposes.
  • Increase ankle stability. It comes perfect for playing basketball, volleyball, or everyday activities.
  • Help for treatment of ankle sprain, contusion, arthritis, and tendonitis.
  • Used to reduce swelling and soreness.
  • Supports the ankle through provision of controlled compression to the joint, at the same time relieving pressure to the malleoli.
  • Support and protect injured or unstable ankles. Some has removable liners is ideal for physical therapy.
  • Control rotation of ankle.
  • Guard the ankle from most common ankle injuries.

For whatever services you will need orthopedic braces for foot and ankle, it is important that you select the one that best fits your needs. Some are good for rehabilitation of injuries. Others act as support for surgeries.

Indeed, the bottom line here is that with the invention of orthopedic braces, humans get a lot of benefits. It is best as well to seek advice from a medical professional before using one. Most are prescribed by doctors; however, some are available over the counter, especially in sports shops. What matters is you use them appropriately for best results.


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