How To Do Popular Relaxation Techniques

What a stressful life we are all living everyday! Don’t you sometimes feel the pressure under your feet and the weight on your shoulders as you manage the daily demands of work, family duties and social responsibilities? The challenges of modern living is causing many of us to burn out and want to seek respite now and then through leisure, vacation and varied forms of relaxation.

There are popular relaxation techniques that can help you maintain your daily balance and at the same time help you fight anxiety and promote therapeutic results. The following are some of these techniques:

  1. Meditation - This technique is very effective if you are doing it in a comfortable position and in a conducive place. You may select a quiet, cool room where you can spread a rug or mat in the middle for you sit on. You can likewise meditate with a lit candle in front of you as you sit cross-legged in a lotus position.
  2. Breathing exercises - Slow, deep breathing helps you release inner tension and allows you to loosen up. It does not really matter where your breathing is coming from – either from your diaphragm, lungs or stomach; what’s important is the slow act of breathing the air in and out your body. As your lungs, abdomen and diaphragm contract with the repeated intake of oxygen, circulation of the blood improves, hence making you feel relaxed and soothed.
  3. Visualization - Focus your mind on an image that you associate with something you like. With eyes closed, think of a quiet and tranquil place. It may be a quiet farm or a serene lake. You can also think of a person or a thing. Whatever it is that you choose to visualize, make sure you connect it to something pleasant and light.
  4. Humming or singing - While sitting lotus style, you may softly hum a mellow, calming song. It can be a lullaby, a love song or even your theme song with your spouse. You can likewise recite some meaningful verses very slowly and softly – over and over.
  5. Change of environment - Visiting other places is a good therapy for one’s mental state. A change of immediate surroundings certainly lessens depression. It also contributes to one’s revitalization and renewed interest in life.
  6. Getting a massage - Going to spas and massage centers has gained a lot of popularity these days. Indeed, having a massage is a very good health practice as it helps tone down muscles and improves blood circulation. Some people who don’t have time to get regular massages from spas opt to buy their own massage chair so they can have massage service anytime they want. Now giving a massage is as therapeutic as getting one. If you want to learn how to give a massage, you may enroll in massage therapy schools where you can learn how to give a relaxing massage to others.

Whatever relaxation technique you use to de-stress yourself, just make sure you allot regular time for it. Remember too that sometimes all it takes for you to truly relax is doing a regular exercise. A classic relaxation technique, exercise can erase the tension from your body while it firms up your muscles and strengthens your bones. 


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