How To Find Popular Senior Care Franchises

There is a point in your life when you decide to marry the love of your life and bring your relationship to the next level. You get married, move on to your new home, have kids and build a family. More often than not, you leave a parent or two behind as you move on with your life. Who will care for them when they turn old and you have your own family to tend to?

This exact predicament is the reason why senior care services have been established. Aging grandparents who wouldn’t have children to take care of them are taken to these homes so that they will have someone to provide adult care for them all throughout their latter years. However, with homes sprouting up left and right these days, how do you know which ones are the best, and which ones can be truly trusted with the care of your parents? The list below enumerates only a few of the popular senior care franchises out there.

  1. HomeInstead. HomeInstead is a senior care provider with over 800 franchises spread throughout the entire globe. They not only provide senior services at their senior homes, they offer in-home care services as well. If you visit their website, you can also find some senior care resources available for your consumption.
  2. Home Helpers. Home Helpers has been ranked the number 1 senior care franchise in the United States for four straight years by Entrepreneur Magazine. They not only provide elder care, they also offer services for new moms, working parents and patients recuperating from being hospitalized.
  3. Senior Helpers. Senior Helpers franchises offer low startup capital requirements and provide tremendous and continued support in growing the business. Senior Helpers prides itself in providing care while maintaining the independence of your elderly in their own homes.
  4. ABC Seniors. ABC Seniors—also known as Always Best Care—abides by the mission that caring relationships serve as the foundation of their work. They currently have 80 franchises worldwide and even offer a personal response system to ensure that you have someone standing by during emergencies.
  5. Being There Senior care. This senior home care provider serves mostly clients from the Baltimore-metropolitan area. They can provide your elderly with a non-medical personal companion care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They have a team of professionally trained and expert caregivers whose services can be availed anytime.

In choosing a home for your senior family members, check their facilities and staff first. Do an on-site visit if possible to make sure that you are comfortable with where you’re leaving the senior members of your family. If you’re opting for in-home senior care, take time to interview the staff who would be providing care, because you’d want her to be worthy of your trust—after all, she’s caring for your loved one’s life.


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