How To Find Popular Yoga Retreats

Yoga meditation has definitely captured the interest of fitness buffs in the recent years. Despite the esoteric nature of the yoga postures, it was initially difficult for the philosophy to really break through the mainstream. Thanks mainly to the stressful lives of people and the desire to adopt a more new-age and holistic approach to rejuvenation and living, yoga has now gained a strong following.

While yoga and kundalini meditation can easily be done in a city center—or any other urban area for that matter—the idea of yoga retreats has been gaining popularity. Yoga sessions can be a great way to relax and to increase one’s consciousness while in the city. However, yoga can have amazing recharging properties when done in the context of a more relaxing atmosphere with the right yoga equipment. There are just some locations that are simply more conducive for deeper meditation and more intense levels of concentration.

France is a great location for yoga enthusiasts everywhere. While yoga teacher training can be done anywhere, the big community of yoga practitioners in the area makes it more possible to find the best training available. The towns of Britanny and La Roane are home to sprawling and wide estates which are perfect for nature walks and meditation. Participants in retreats would definitely have a great time doing many yoga postures in the laid back environs of the French countryside. It’s also a plus that the transportation system in France is quite efficient.

If you want to learn about yoga, why not go to the birthplace of the art form itself? The beginnings of yoga trace back to the great country of India in South Asia. While it may be quite a long way for a Western traveler, being immersed in the same context as the earliest practitioners of yoga is one good way to connect with the most basic concepts of kundalini meditation. There are many yoga centers all over with top notch yoga equipment, so it wouldn’t be hard to find the right one for your retreat. For your benefit, however, it would probably more calming to avoid the city centers of Mumbai and Kolkata as these urban areas are even more busy and chaotic than most other cities outside of India.

Other countries in Asia could also be a good option for yoga practitioners. Thailand is also home to a lot of people who are into yoga meditation. The country also has a good tourism infrastructure, so it would be fairly easy to get around the country to be familiarized with the various nuances in yoga positions in different regions.

Yoga retreats are a great way to recharge oneself after having a challenging tenure at work or school. For those who cannot afford to travel, finding a local club might suffice. But if you really want to experience the real deal, then a yoga meditation retreat might be suitable. Regardless of where you go, what’s important is that you truly let the calmness permeate your being to maximize the benefits of yoga meditation.


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