How To Prevent Acai Side Effects

There has been much excitement recently regarding a new health supplement that is being touted as the most effective and healthy product that has been discovered in this century. The acai berry, a fruit which traditionally grows in the Brazilian Amazon rain forest, has long been part of the diet of the people in the Amazon region and is famous in Brazil.

Although the acai berry is popular in Brazil, it has only recently become popular in the U.S. Dr. Perricone, one of America's leading dermatologist and skin care experts, was largely responsible for giving attention to the acai berry when he included it in his list of "superfoods." This berry is dark purple in color and is as small as a grape. Unlike the grape, 90% of the acai berry is the seed or pit. Most of its nutrients comes from the berry's skin and pulp and it degrades easily (within 24 hours).

The acai berry has become famous because of its supposed effectiveness in promoting weight loss. With more and more Americans suffering from obesity, the introduction of the acai berry has really stirred up a lot of interest. Although acai is a berry and is not chemically produced, there are still some reported side-effects that may affect your intake of this health supplement. Of course, acai berry proponents insist that this natural fruit does not have any side-effects whatsoever. But this does not discount the fact that each individual has its own unique make-up.

Some side effects of the acai berry include the skin rashes, difficulty in breathing, decrease in appetite, and mild diarrhea. There have been some reports of people who tried taking acai berry products that resulted in one or more of these side effects. The skin rashes and difficulty in breathing reactions were largely from people who traditionally have pollen and berry allergies. Noticing a decrease in appetite is really one of the effects of the acai berry due to its nutrient density that may cause people not to feel hunger. Reports of mild diarrhea are most probably from drinking too much of the acai berry.

If you are still interested in taking acai berry but do not want to suffer any side effect some precautions may be taken. Here are some tips on how to prevent acai side effects.

  • If you have an allergy to pollen or berries, you may get an allergic reaction from acai. Take it first in small amounts. Increase the dose until you feel comfortable enough and that there is no reaction. The acai berry should make your body stronger and eventually you may be able to take acai berry without any adverse reactions.
  • Take acai products according to the recommended dose. There are some who want to see immediate effects and take more than the recommended amount. The amount that the body can tolerate differs for each person and although large amounts of acai have no effect on Brazilians, it may unduly affect your digestion, causing loss of appetite or mild diarrhea.

As with anything, moderation is always the key. Take acai in moderation and you will prevent any side effects.


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