How To Choose Products and Services for the Hearing Impaired

Hearing impaired individuals do not always have to struggle with communication and cope with the daily activities in and out of the house. With the help of devices such as a hearing aid, sound signaler, phone amplifier, and a lot of other gadgets packed with innovative features, the hard of hearing can enjoy and experience independence.

  1. Hearing aid. A hearing aid is a small electronic hearing device that magnifies sound vibrations that enter the ear so that a hearing impaired person can listen and communicate more effectively whether in quiet or noisy surroundings. There are many types of hearing aids: body worn aids, in the ear aids, behind the ear aids, receiver in the canal/ear, in the canal, mini canal, and completely in the canal aids, extended wear hearing aids, open-fit devices, bone anchored hearing aids, and eyeglass aids. The basic parts of a hearing aid are the microphone, amplifier and the speaker. The microphone receives the sounds and transmits them to the amplifier to increase the signals, which will be conveyed through the speaker.
  2. Sound signaler. A sound signaler detects sounds and alerts you of these sounds by vibration or light. You will not miss a ringing phone, doorbell, or audio alarms in your home such as an oven timer, smoke or fire detector, or other sounds around the house including a crying baby. There are many kinds of sound signalers, some come with cords or batteries, others are wireless.
  3. Amplified telephones or hearing phones. With an amplified telephone or hearing phone, the hard of hearing can enjoy clear and understandable conversations. They come in various styles and feature the latest telecommunication technology to address the type and level of hearing loss you have.
  4. Visual smoke alarm. Some states have programs designed to provide protection to those who are hard of hearing. An example is the provision of free plug-in visual smoke alarms that emit strobe light notification.
  5. Alarm clocks. There are many kinds of alarm clocks that can wake the hearing impaired. Some features include flashing lights, loud pulsating audio alarms, and bed shakers produced by a vibrator. Most of these alarm clocks have battery backup in cases of power outage.
  6. Door knock. When someone knocks on your door, a bright light indicator flashes to alert the hearing impaired. Different door knock devices are also used in offices, hotels and other facilities. Easy to install units and portable devices are available.

A lot of other helpful devices are created and designed especially for individuals the hearing impaired. The devices’ features and functions vary depending on the severity or level of your hearing condition. With the advancement in technology, these products and services continue to progress and provide solutions. The state and local communities acknowledge the importance of these gadgets, and that is why for some states, provision of certain devices for households with hearing impaired individuals comes for free. State and local programs also support the deaf culture to help improve the lives of hearing impaired adults and children. Programs include provision of schools, rehabilitation, employment assistance and other useful facilities.


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