How To Recognize Early Pregnancy Symptoms

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Sexual intercourse without protection may lead to pregnancy. Recognition of pregnancy is important because once you know that you are carrying an angel in your tummy, you should take care of yourself more properly than before. See below the possible signs of pregnancy.

  1. If you experience a missed period, there is a chance that you are pregnant. This is applicable only to those with regular monthly menstruation. You should be delayed at least 7-10 days before having your pregnancy test. A delay of 1-2 days is not a sign. You might just be stressed, feeling sick or have emotional burdens.
  2. Unusual food craving is also a sign. Unusual craving means that you want something at an odd time of the day. It can also be an unusual combination of food, like eating sweet and sour at the same time. Examples are anchovies and chocolates in one sitting, or mangoes in a tamarind broth.
  3. There might be an increase in the number of times that you go to the bathroom to pee. This frequent urination will be normal for pregnant women because they will feel wet most of the time. You can also experience a vaginal discharge, or if you have it, there will be an increase in the excretion of thin, white and odorless mucous. If the discharge has odor and color, consult your doctor.
  4. There is an increase in sensitivity when pregnant. There are odors you would not like to smell because they will make you nauseous. You might also not want the taste of toothpaste in your mouth.
  5. Morning sickness is also one of the most common symptoms. You will feel nausea because of the increase in your hormone levels. You will have a heavy feeling getting up from your bed.
  6. If you feel sleepy all the time, even if you slept for so long the other night, you might be pregnant.
  7. You can also feel restless, uneasy, tired and dizzy during your first few weeks. Based on some medical research, the hormone progesterone has an hypnotic effect.
  8. There will also be a change in your breasts. You can feel that your breasts have become more tender and your nipples sensitive. There will be this unexplainable sensation that you can feel with your nipples. Your breast and nipples will become larger and sore. They will have a big dark swelling if you are pregnant.
  9. The last but not the least symptom is vomiting in the middle of your routine, like eating or working. In the movies, this is usually the reason why parents discover that their unwed daughter is pregnant. Whether you are hungry or full, you will feel that you want something to be out of your system.

These signs could be helpful to those who are expecting. A word of caution though, experiencing the signs one at a time doesn't necessarily conclude pregnancy. A combination of several symptoms would be better proof, but your basis of belief before announcing your pregnancy to everyone should still be an ultrasound or pregnancy test.


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