Survive an Asthma Attack Without Medication

One thing about asthma is that you never know when and where it will attack. There are many factors that can trigger asthma attacks, including dust, air fresheners, or perfumes. Because of this, it is essential for an asthmatic to have an asthma management plan and carry an inhaler; however, sometimes people forget to carry their inhaler.

If you're having an asthma attack and you don't have an inhaler, here's a guide that can help you survive another day:

  • Stay calm. Panicking causes your muscles to contract and tense, making it harder for you to breathe. Once you realize that you are having an asthma attack, focus on your breathing. This will help keep your mind from panicking. Take deep breaths instead of short ones because short ones can make you hyperventilate. To take deep breaths, inhale slowly through your nose and exhale through your mouth.
  • Move away from the trigger. Once you're calm, you most likely will determine what caused your asthma attack. If it's the perfume that your co-worker sprayed, then get out of the room. Staying inside the room will only make the attack worse.
  • Sit upright. The best position is to breathe is to sit upright. Don't bend over, lean, or lie down. These will only make breathing harder.
  • Cough. When you're having an asthma attack, you wheeze, so, instead of wheezing, trying coughing. This helps clear the mucous out of the air passages, making it easier for you to breathe. At the same time, drink lukewarm water. This will also help clear the mucous out of the airway passages. In addition, you should rub your chest while coughing. This action helps get the mucous loosened up and makes it easier to cough out.
  • Look for the nearest coffee pot. For some reason, the caffeine in coffee seems to act like a dilator that opens up the lungs, and makes it easier for you to breathe. If there is not coffee around, try hot tea as it also has caffeine.
  • Look for sage, peppermint and eucalyptus oils. You can inhale the vapor straight out of the bottle, or you can put some into a cotton ball and inhale the smell. These aromatherapy oils help open up the air passages and give you relief. Peppermint also has a calming effect that can loosen up tightened muscles.

    If you are an asthmatic, consider bring any one of these aromatherapy oils in your purse or vanity kit. You are less likely to forget bringing your purse or vanity kit everywhere you go.

  • Inhale steam vapor. Again, this loosens up the mucous in your airways. Find an electric pot, get hot water, and breathe the steam vapor coming out of it. This would have to suffice unless you have a small steam vaporizer that you can use.

Asthma attacks can be an inconvenience at best and fatal at worst. You should never go anywhere without an inhaler. In the off chance that you forgot to bring one, follow the steps outlined above.



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